High Noon at the Swamp

by Chris Noonan Funnell Some of us came late to the realization that Donald Trump was the non-political, non-ideological, brash, bold thinker needed to get the change that most Americans had been longing for. I was among the idealists preferring other candidates who behaved better. As we have come to realize, however, politics has taken the Read More…

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Putting Illegal Alien Rights Ahead of Our Children’s Rights – Mass. Legislature Ignores “Justina’s Law”

Putting Illegal Alien Rights Ahead of Our Children’s Rights – Mass. Legislature Ignores “Justina’s Law” Republican Rep. Sheila Harrington Called Out (Again) for Putting Government Control Above Parents’ Rights by Kristi Devine  Last month’s hearing before the Judiciary Committee was inundated with people primarily fighting for the rights of immigrants. It was good to see Read More…


MassGOP State Committeewoman Q & A Session –

June 21st at 6:30 pm at Flatbreads (Black Swan) in Georgetown.   State Committee Candidates Amanda Kesterson and Diana Ploss will discuss the issues that impact town committees in our district and the importance of strengthening Republican support in the State of Massachusetts.   This will be a regional Republican Town Committee event.

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  Swiss Child “Protection” Includes 25-foot “FALL” Out a Window, Multiple Fractures, Hospitalization and 7 Months in a Psychiatric Ward –  Increased Mass. Department of Children & Families (DCF) Funding Leads to More Horror   by Kevin Hall The New England Director of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights According to Dr. Hal Rizvi, whose Read More…


Daughters Charge “Criminal Enterprise” Within the Mass. Probate & Family Court System –

PART 3:  ISOLATE, MEDICATE, LIQUIDATE:  How to Fleece a Senior          Seek to Shut Down Drugging, Embezzlement, Fleecing of Seniors  ̶  Judge Denies Hearing by Lonnie Brennan Marvin H. Siegel is 88 years old. Five years ago, a home health aide dialed 911 and Mr. Siegel was transported to Beverly Hospital. He was subsequently locked Read More…



One of several articles in the printed June edition: COURT RULES: People of Faith Shall Not  be Bullied to Support/Endorse/Promote Homosexual Message Hands On Originals, a Christian-run T-shirt printing company in Lexington, Kentucky declined to print T-shirts for a gay pride event in 2012. The company was sued, and lost (similar to the bake-me-a-gay-cake case). Read More…