New Hampshire Girl in Danger: Court-Ordered ‘Child-Deprogramming’ Therapy

Court-Ordered ‘Child-Deprogramming’ Therapy
Forces Children into the Hands of Abusive Parents While Raking in Huge Money


by Kevin Hall

Citizens Commission on Human Rights,
New England Director


Alice Giordano

parent and former reporter for the
Associated Press and Boston Globe

DOVER, N.H. – Very recently, I was contacted by a well-known regional reporter who claims that Dover, New Hampshire Judge Robert Foley has now ordered custody of her 11-year-old daughter to an estranged and very abusive father, with no legal U.S. address, due to the refusal of putting her daughter into a reunification, mind-altering therapy designed to get her into the hands of the abuser.

On the surface, the situation of Alice Giordano and her daughter Faye appeared to be simply one of a bad and uncaring judge, a guardian ad litem (GAL) in it solely for the money and some moonbat social worker/therapist who feels that she can make the relationship between a child and their abuser all lovey dovey. Yet, N.H. State Rep. Valerie Fraser, who has been following Giordano’s case and has attended some of her hearings, called Giordano’s case, “the most outrageous example of corruption she has ever seen.”

Per Giordano, her husband abandoned her and daughter in 2011 and he officially filed for divorce in New Hampshire in 2015. Giordano agreed with the divorce and filed her case documents. She says that the father had no interest at all in the daughter until Guardian Ad Litem Lynn Aaby put the idea into his head. The court’s answer according to the mother was to push the daughter into extremely costly reunification therapy over the wishes of both parents.


Giordano states, “I’ve been put through psychological warfare with the court in Dover, N.H. for the past 3½ years. I think the decision was a vindictive retribution against me for standing up to their long-unchallenged scheme. This is a major reason why I feel Judge Foley is so willing to send my child to a documented abuser.”

According to N.H. Domestic Violence Specialist Kathy Jones, who is familiar with the Giordano case and several other similar ones, “I have seen dozens of families being pushed into reunification therapy. Many have been forced into work with Kathryn Forbes-Fisher and/or Carol James, two providers on N.H.’s seacoast. Multiple children or their victimized parents have disclosed to me how these ‘reunification therapists’ have berated them for their feelings about their abusive parent, and then went on to threaten these children that if they didn’t change their attitudes and feelings towards their abuser…”

Per Jones, two judges, Foley and John Pendleton, and a handful of GALs, with the most abusive ones being Lynn Aaby, Nancy Blais and Tim Cunningham, are all involved in these forced reunification cases that reap fees of “$150 to $350 per hour.” These aren’t covered by insurance companies, as they do not recognize reunification therapy. She points out one case that cost the mother over $750,000 in needless court and mental health fees in an attempt to save her child from an abuser. Giordano herself claims that Judge Pendleton at first was considering sending her daughter to a Vermont deprogramming-like reunification camp that would cost about $45,000, while also seeing Forbes-Fisher at about $200 per hour.

I plan to do more research on reunification therapy and its connection to family courts as it appears to be a systematic form of fraudulent therapy and abuse in many states, and as Giordano puts it, “an invested mental health scheme to victimize children” (while putting them into the hands of abusive fathers). More information will be revealed in future stories, but for now it’s more important to help save her daughter while her mother is trying to fight against the Judge Foley decision. When asking Jones what her major fear would be of getting the girl back with her father, her answer was that she could be human trafficked or killed.

Alice Giordano, as an investigative reporter, put both documents and a long article in my hands per my request. The story is far too long for the Broadside to place in full, but following are excerpts from her story, along with other data she has relayed to me. Please feel free to fight back against this judge and “therapist” with any legal means necessary as the next child attacked for profit through the courts may be one that you know.

From Alice Giordano

While living in my sole care from a very young age, Faye has flourished as a happy child with a high school reading level while only being 11-years-old. She’s a longtime high-honors student at a private school, a pianist and advanced sailor, is a member of an elite debate team, has performed on Broadway, appeared in commercials and a movie, and even was hired by NBC to appear in a music video with Dolly Parton.

The few times she recently saw her father, he physically abused and threatened her. One of these times was at Disney World wherein I was wrongfully hoping they could find a positive relationship in a happy environment. The father told the court that he has no U.S. address, spends most of his time in foreign countries, including Singapore and Thailand, and in the rare times he is in the U.S. he lives in an unheated basement somewhere in Washington, D.C.

Foley refused to look at 20 affidavits of abusive behavior by the father and then arbitrarily awarded Faye to her estranged and dangerous father knowing he was about to leave for a month in Bangkok, Thailand. With his life being mainly oversees, I am very concerned about my daughter being threatened, harmed and isolated in countries with no means to communicate again with me or anyone else she knows.

As an additional note on conflict of interest on this case, Judge John Pendleton first had my case before sending it on to Foley. He is a newer judge that was nominated by Governor Maggie Hassan and previously was a lawyer and the board president of Seacoast Mental Health Center wherein several people from his court are sent. Also, Kathryn Forbes-Fisher became involved in an egregious conflict of interest by officially working for the court on the divorce case as an “assessor” wherein she would be deciding whether her own very expensive deprogramming therapy would be right for my daughter.                              ♦




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