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Family Time with Grace and Jeff

JULY 2, 2020 – Dr. Grace’s Daughter AVA SINGS GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!  She sung this LIVE at Jeff Kuhner’s 50th Birthday Party where Jeff, Grace, and their children honored the Boston Broadside with a great event to help the Boston Broadside sustain and grow. Jeff and Grace have been a part of the Broadside family for years, and we are so proud that they have chosen to join so many others in helping to grown an alternative to the lamestream liberal media in Massachusetts and beyond.

June 12, 2020: Dr. Grace and Ashton on-air talking about Grace’s very special birthday coming up…

A Moment at Home: Covid NO, Santa Yes
Dr. Grace and Ava discuss school, Covid, Santa.

An adorable intro of homeschooling woes..Grace and Jeff and family chatting…

A Moment at Home – A Little Bit of Grace in Kuhner’s World: ICE CREAM!

Jeff and Grace’s daughter Ava makes her debut singing “with lots of love” –

Jeff is busted!  Snacks revealed after shopping trip!