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Broadside is Fighting Back Against Extremist Lawyers Who Seek to Silence the Newspaper

UPDATE: Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020 –
At the end of last week, without discussion, without a hearing, Federal Court returned the matter to be litigated in Mass. court. (See below for more info.) That means the Broadside will unnecessarily have to mount an expensive defense against a certain Boston-based law firm to defend our simple rights of the press to report a story that certain lawyers seek to keep hidden from the public.

And how far are they willing to go to keep things secret? We have a LOT more to print on this…. but for now….

Apparently certain lawyers think that there is a pot of gold at the end of their pursuit, as they wrap us into a 12-party lawsuit which includes NETFLIX, certain video production companies and their executives, and attorney Lisa Siegel Belanger (daughter of Marvin Siegel, one of many, many, many seniors and others who we have printed stories about, concerning the incredible fees certain lawyers have extracted from their estates, or whom certain judges ripped of all rights, locking them in the chains of “ward of the state.” In short, we printed their words, we printed what was backed up in their court files – files certain lawyers seek to keep hidden, forever).


Clearly, we are the smallest fish in this net. NETFLIX is where the money is, and they aired “DIRTY MONEY, SEASON 2, EPISODE 5 – GUARDIANS, INC.” If you have Netflix, you might wish to watch the film and ask yourself if the words of the ‘wards’ – words, their video, their court records, should be invisible, burned, buried, and not shared anywhere.

Appearing in the Guardians, Inc. broadcast which features Rachel Aviv, Reporter for The New Yorker:

Rachel AvivSelf – Reporter, The New Yorker
Fern FinkelSelf – Professional Guardian
Lisa Siegel BelangerSelf – Attorney At Law
John SavanovichSelf – Ward of the State of Massachusetts
Sharon BockSelf – Founder, Guardianship Fraud Program
Charlie ThrashSelf – Guardianship Victim (archive footage)
Philip RossSelf – Attorney At Law
Laura MartinezSelf – Charlie’s Common Law Wife
Brittany MartinezSelf – Laura’s Daughter
Jo Ann RiveraSelf – Assistant to Philip Ross
Billy DuncanSelf – Charlie’s Friend
Tom RickhoffSelf – Judge (archive footage)
Tonya BarinaSelf – Charlie’s Guardian
Mary WernerSelf – Charlie’s Guardian (archive footage)

LYNNFIELD, MA − On Tuesday, Sept.15, 2020, Attorney Richard Chambers, Jr. ( lead attorney representing the Boston Broadside and its publisher, fired back against extremist lawyers who seeks to financially ruin and silence the newspaper.

After extensive work, Atty. Chambers secured a certified “Notice of Removal Civil Proceeding by Defendant Boston Broadside Under 28 U.S.C. 1446(b).” In short, the frivolous and financially crippling lawsuit imposed on the Broadside has been removed from the local courts to the United States District Court District of Massachusetts where the Broadside seeks full protections and recourse under all applicable laws.

Regular readers of the Broadside know that the paper prints news and commentary without the liberal extremist spin. Some say it serves as a ‘beacon of truth,’ a ‘voice for the voiceless,’ proudly displaying “The People’s Paper” on its banner.

Since its inception more than six years ago, the Broadside has printed numerous articles about the inconsistencies in the law applied at certain local Massachusetts probate and family courts involving children and their parents as well as senior citizens. The paper has repeatedly provided voice to those who would otherwise have no voice, when their statements and court documents detail the personal horrors and financial drains they have encountered in certain local courts.

Recently, a lawyer who was briefly mentioned in a certain elder citizen complaint, hired a downtown Boston law firm, and filed a vengeful, financially crippling lawsuit against the Broadside. <<<SEE UPDATE BELOW >>>>>

Responding to the enemies of free speech and personal liberty is not easy, nor is it without cost. The Broadside has had to ‘gear up for the fight’, going so far as creating a GoFundMe page seeking help from readers and supporters of the First Amendment, the right of free speech and the freedom of the press. (See

The Broadside is preparing appropriate court documents and is simultaneously preparing extensive details about the case and those seeking to cripple the paper. In the meantime, the paper and its publisher request your support and the strength of your prayers. <


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“Searching through PACER records in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts  I noticed that you and Boston Broadside are being sued by a lawyer involved in the John Savanovich case, which your newspaper published a story about. 

This suit against you and your newspaper is outrageous–in my opinion, a violation of your rights to free speech and press!  It appears that one of the lawyers involved as John’s attorney–a lawyer named XXXXXXXXX(edited out at this time)- is pissed because John and others made allegations that the lawyer and his cronies are unethically and needlessly siphoning off funds from John’s conservatorship–which John claimed several times he doesn’t even need or desire, but which was forced upon him. 

I don’t know how you ended up getting sued?  All you and your paper did was report what was going on in John’s case and what people were saying.  And everything in the case is under seal in the  Mass. Probate Court?  Outrageous!  We are all in danger of being oppressed by the powers-that-be and their agents, who can use the law to lay waste to people’s lives. 

I certainly hope there is something I can do to help you fight this kind of oppression.  I think the public needs to stand up to these people who think they can use lawsuits to intimidate and punish people who just report the facts about on-going cases, or at least get in back of you for support.  I certainly will.”

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  1. I support all of you fully. Please start a gofundme campaign to gather more financial resources and people’s power. I am grateful you are on John’s side All the vulnerable seniors need protection. Shame on the judges who do not respect themselves and abuse their power. Shame on them for not impartial and not doing public service for the public good. I hope other newspapers will print this story. I hope your politicians and all levels of government will voice their support to support this truly elderly abuse, this is systematic discrimination. . I will pray earnestly for all of you.

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