Lawsuit Against Broadside: Judge Retires, Lawyer Requests Files Sealed For 20 Years!

UPDATE: Oct. 5, 2020

The Boston Broadside Newspaper Under Attack

Judge Retires, Lawyer Requests Files Impounded For 20 Years!


UPDATE: Oct. 5, 2020

The Boston Broadside is being sued by certain enemies of free speech who seek to financially cripple the paper. In short, they object to our printing of the words, claims, medical documents, and court documents provided to us by a senior citizen who alleged that he was taken advantage of by certain lawyers.

We’ve detailed in the paper the words of the senior citizen who’s story was aired by Netflix and claims that when he asked for help, his own bank referred him to a lawyer who charged him exorbitant legal fees, had his life taken away from him, sold his properties against his wishes, and that he was then placed in a high-priced nursing home. He admitted he was overwhelmed, that he let things go with his properties in a bad way, that he knew he needed help and so he reached out for help. Instead of help, he claimed he lost everything, and no one would help him. Now, for printing his story, for printing his supporting documentation, the Broadside in now a defendant in a “$5 million+
 lawsuit. This is madness.


But what’s worse than this story of how no one would listen to his primary care doctor, nor listen to him, and his claim of how his lawyers turned on him, slapped a guardianship on him, billed him enormous sums of money, etc., is that his new lawyers filed a motion with Mass. Superior Court to impound the court records for 20 years. A strange, unusual motion, and one that for a 77-year-old man, is almost forever.


What we’ve learned so far is that the latest lawyer who, through the approval of  Mass. Probate Court Judge George F. Phelan, had purportedly drawn in excess of $500,000 in legal fees and seemingly, this money was used to pay herself and her law firm.

We don’t know why they charged so much for legal services however it appears there was an approximately $3.2 – $3.4 million account (following the sales of multiple properties), and we don’t know how she was able to do so in such a short period of time (apparently well less than 24 or even 18 months). And, we may never know.


What we do know at this point is that she doesn’t want anyone to see anything in either file, which presumably also includes her billing sheets. She wants them sealed near-forever.

Now, this would –  given what we’ve seen so far – be another simple rubber-stamp by Judge Phelan, who apparently rubber-stamped all of the prior requests in this guardianship case. However, just as the lawsuit against the Boston Broadside landed in the courts, Judge Phelan entered retirement.

Note: Netflix and multiple others are also named in the lawsuit. Netflix featured the story in their Dirty Money, Season 2, Episode 5 series almost a year after we printed his words in our newspaper. That episode triggered a lawsuit against Netflix, the Broadside, and anyone who touched or saw or reported on this case.

– Knowns and Unknowns –

Again, there are many unknowns: hundreds of thousands in attorney fees drawn from the senior citizen’s account, retirement by Judge Phelan …. But just when you think this cannot get stranger, apparently any financial records are now, well, being buried (which of course would include the lawyer’s billing, as well as presumably the billings of other attorneys and other parties to the case, as assigned by Judge Phelan).

– Broadside Fighting Back for First Amendment Rights –

Richard C. Chambers, Jr. (  attorney for one of the defendants – the Boston Broadside – contends that this is a case that should be transparent to the public because the Broadside is a newspaper protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and opposes any motion to keep the case impounded. Attorney Lisa Siegel Belanger, a co-defendant, joined in on the Broadside’s opposition along with Netflix. The matter was taken under advisement and the case is currently still impounded until a decision is made.

At this time, the Broadside seeks the assistance of anyone and everyone to let the world know that seniors need to be careful, need to secure their property safe from others, and that we need help to fight back against this outrageous $5 million+ lawsuit.  We ask that you share our info and provide us with any assistance you may suggest.

Attorney Richard Chambers, Jr. ( is the lead attorney representing the Boston Broadside.


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