Horrors of Guardianship

NETFLIX FEATURES NEEDHAM, MASS. SENIOR HORRIFIED: Jewish Family & Children’s Service FORCED Guardianship of Another Millionaire


ON March 11, 2020, NETFLIX released Dirty Money, Season 2, EPISODE 5: Guardians, Inc.
In it, they scratch the surface of multiple guardianship issues, and showcase JOHN SAVANOVICH. You can listen to John (before the courts, his guardian, and others began their near year-long ‘conditioning’ of John – we’re told he’s been subject to a lot of “manipulation” since speaking out about those he has explains were involved in taking everything from him).

F.Y.I: Contact info for Gov. Charlie Baker, and Lt. Gov. Karen Polito:

Governor Charlie Baker’s Office of Constituent Services

Massachusetts State House, 24 Beacon St.
Office of the Governor, Room 280
Boston, MA 02133
Governor Baker’s Constituent Services Main Office (617) 725-4005

Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.



JOHN SAVANOVICH: Screen capture photo from the film:





“How the Elderly Lose Their Rights”

On Wednesday, March 11, 2020,
– The Crime of the 21st Century –



The Netflix-produced documentary features John Savanovich – the senior featured last year in The Boston Broadside (see below), when he related that Massachusetts lawyers took everything away from him.

The Netflix film also features the one lawyer who John Savanovich reached out to after everything had been taken from him….the one lawyer who fought to help him get his story out, and risked her own law license fighting against a firestorm of powerful lawyers and the Massachusetts courts…

Attorney Belanger is featured in the Netflix Film, relating her personal story (documented in multiple issues of the Broadside), of the horrors she experienced fighting the powerful Massachusetts lawyers who attacked her father, isolated him, drugged him with anti-psychotics, and drained his estate of millions…

We highly recommend you watch the Netflix DIRTY MONEY Season 2, Episode 5.

John was transferred against his wishes, taken from his home – never to return to his childhood home – it was demolished….they first took him to a hospital for a “wellness check” then to an assisted living facility.

Lawyers sold off his more than $3 million estate. Everything, personal belongings, everything, gone. And, they tried to press anti-psychotics on him, despite two letters to the court from his primary care physician that he is of sound mind.


Attorney Lisa Siegel Belanger
Targeted by Mass. Bar Association

For her work, fighting against lawyers who took control of her father, and of John Savanovich, and others, Attorney Lisa Siegel Belanger was put in the cross-hairs of very powerful political connected (and Charlie Baker appointed) attorneys, including attorney Marsha V. Kazarosian. This resulted in a disciplinary hearing against Lisa, and the powerful Board of Bar Overseers recommending a heavy suspension of Belanger’s law license (put her out of business). Belanger is still fighting that suspension – she’s managed to elevate it past the connected State Court (Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court) to the U.S. District Court.

What can a guardian do to you or your loved one?







• ISSUE A RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST THE PRESS, OR ANYONE WHO ATTEMPTS TO CONTACT YOU AND HELP YOU GET YOUR STORY OUT (our publisher knows this personally, having to explain his actions and legal status to two police officers under threat of arrest when he went to help a senior whose story he related in the pages of the Boston Broadside – a tense moment, but as the truth was on his side, the brilliant officers rapidly determined he was in the right, and the guardian was in the wrong…)

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Jewish Family & Children’s Service FORCED Guardianship of Another Millionaire

Attorneys David A. Schwartz and Lisa M. Cukier
at Epicenter Again


by Lonnie Brennan

“I represent Jewish Family & Children’s Service, Inc…”

According to John Savanovich and his attorney, more horrifying words are seldom put to paper.

Cambridge Attorney Dave. A. Schwartz wrote those words. Yes, the same Schwartz (617-795-0902), who was at the epicenter of isolating multiple seniors, most infamously Mary Frank. We printed Mary’s extensive recorded statements in which she exposed Schwartz and Jewish Family & Children’s Service. (See www.BostonBroadside.com/MaryFrank to listen to Mary in her own words. Isolated, Mary died under JF&CS guardianship.) And, to make matters worse, Lisa M. Cukier, attorney at Burns & Levison of Boston (617-345-3000), is also at the epicenter of the guardianship of another millionaire, now deceased multi-milllionare Marvin Siegel (see prior issues).

More than $3 Million
Out the Door?

John Savanovich related how he found himself “in the clutches of these lawyers…they put a guardian on me, took everything, controlled everything. Tricked me into signing papers.”

John said he had plenty of money in the bank (we confirmed $235,410.83 via court documents filed on May 7, 2018), was living an extremely frugal life, but at age 76 he let his multi-million dollar properties deteriorate, and finally attempted to get some help to get them fixed up. He admitted he let things go badly, and so he reached out for some help. He figured he would sell them off one at a time and get things taken care of. He had lost his mother, had no family, and fell into a malaise for a period of time. Just kept to himself, had plenty of cash. Wasn’t interested in dealing with tenants and all that.

But after John asked for help, he was shocked that instead he lost control of everything.

John Savanovich – April 2019   – Photo by Janet Aldrich

John had no mortgage on his properties. No wife. No kids. No living family. Neighbors complained about the condition of his properties. Certain city employees were reported saying they had tried to force him to sell his properties.

John related how he went to his local banker asking for advice. John is a soft-spoken guy. The banker recommended a lawyer named Peter Russell.

Russell has been running ads on You Tube.com in which he says that he likes helping people, and that everything is done openly, honestly, transparently. “What I like to say to our clients is this,” Russell says, “let us do the worrying for you. We will take care of everything.”

John said Atty. Russell tricked him into signing paperwork that gave Russell control over his life. (Later, he learned that Atty. Russell’s online profile shows a long relationship with the AG’s office. John was in near panic at one point after the attorney general’s office sent him a letter complaining about his shrubbery and threatening to take certain properties under an “Abandoned Housing Initiative.” Yes, shrubbery.)

The AG dropped all actions (dismissed), but not before things got strange, and John lost control of everything. Russell arranged for the sale of one of John’s properties. The proceeds of the sale cleared up all of John’s back taxes, with a lot left over. But John doesn’t know where the money went. John said he was short-changed.

But It Gets Worse

Russell and Attorney Nicholas Luisa (781-444-5151, 781-514-5075, nlouisa@louisalaw.com) engaged Attorney Schwartz, who filed guardianship against John. Then, they sold off more properties, with five duplexes going for slightly over $3.1 million. And John? He hasn’t seen the money. He got shuffled off to an assisted living unit. Then, with the properties sold, Russell and Luisa dropped out of the game, and Schwartz swooped in noting that he was now acting directly as guardian for JF&CS.

“So I went to my banker and asked for help,” John said in the initial telephone interview with the Boston Broadside. “And the next think I know, I have a lawyer who tricked me and stole everything from me.”

Here’s How it Unfolded

Atty. Russell had asked for a $6,000 retainer to get started, and ended up having John sign various papers, one of which included a durable power of attorney. This gave Russell full control over John’s assets.

One property was sold over John’s objections for $480,000, an amount John felt was way too low. According to court documents, the developer leveled the building and sold off two new units, one for $795,000 and one for $800,000. “But that’s not the worst part,” John said. “Then the same developer wanted to buy my five duplexes.”

John said he got forced into an assisted living facility at the tune of $7,000 per month, drawing down his bank account with this big-ticket bill, as well as the lawyers’ “incredible” draws against his account. “I don’t need assisted living. I’m not getting assistance. They’re assisting themselves to my bank account and they’re railroading me out of my properties,” John told the Boston Broadside.

And You Thought It Couldn’t
Get Worse?

John says he gets “a pittance each month on this debit card they gave me. I can buy some groceries, but it’s not much and by the end of the month, I’m begging for my own money.”

And Worse

John said he was not prepared for any of this. Sure, he needed to clean up his house. Sure, he was living extremely frugally. Sure, he let the temperature drop as he had closed the doors on various rooms that went unused and he used a portable heater to keep his one room warm. Sure, he needed help, and yes, he finally asked the people he thought he could trust for advice and to hire people to help him. But it all blew up and cost him millions.

Guardian Playbook Act #2: Medicate

John detailed in a letter to the court that Atty. Louisa hired Arkadiy S. Stolyar of Belmont (617-855-3554) for a fee of more than $8,000 (John thinks Louisa used John’s money to pay Stolyar), who tried to get John to sign over all his properties. John wrote that he thought Stolyar was an attorney. Turned out he was a doctor, hired as part of setting the stage to get John under more solid guardianship. John said that Stolyar pestered him twice, and he sent him away both times, talking less than five minutes the first time, only a few minutes the second time. He said all the Stolyar guy wanted to do was get him to sign over papers.

On May 7, 2018, Dr. Stolyar filed a medical certificate stating that he examined John on March 12, and 24, and May 5, and that John’s overall alertness/level of consciousness suffered from a “mild” overall impairment, and that his memory and cognitive functions suffered from a “moderate” overall impairment. This was used as a basis to assign guardianship over John. He listed a number of disorders that John suffered from.

In November of 2018, after the guardianship was well secured, the lawyers not only contacted John’s primary care physician, but attended a routine exam with John, and pushed his physician to prescribe medications for John. That request was rebuffed, and the doctor wrote a letter, impounded by the court (which we obtained), stating in part that John’s “appointed guardian at the visit mentioned that John felt that the attorneys were trying to take his money and asked if I could give him some medication for this. I see no evidence of anything wrong with John. He seems mentally very well, his cognitive function is very good, as is his memory. He has never demonstrated to me any abnormal behaviors and has never seemed to express any paranoid behaviors.”

Millions Lost?

Getting back to John’s five duplexes, John contends that the property was worth a lot more selling off in single lots over a period of time, rather than aggregate selling all the property at once. He said the duplexes should have been listed as 10 units, not five. Indeed, in the small print, while his properties listed under MLS #72367559 were noted as “Total Units 5,” the fine print said that there were two-family homes on each of the five lots. He also said he has no idea where the money from the sale went. He’s still “practically begging to get a couple of hundred bucks each month. This is crazy.”

Steve Venincasa (508-560-9440, sv@casarealty-builder.com), manager of Elite Home Builders, LLC, purchased the properties, with papers filed in Norfolk Probate and Family Court  (NO18P1287PM) by Attorney E. Alexandra Golden of Needham (781-433-8665, sgolden@goldenlawcenter.com), acting as court-appointed conservator for John. As conservator, she worked one side of the court while Attorney Lisa M. Cukier of Burns & Levenson, LLP of Boston (617-345-3000, lcukier@burnsleve.com) and Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Waltham apparently worked the other side. But John’s objections and his handwritten appeal were all ignored or denied.

On Sept. 18, 2018, Norfolk Probate Court Judge George F. Phelan (781-830-1200) wrote, in part, “The Court recognizes that on May 23, 2018, the organization “Jewish Family & Children’s Service, Inc., was appointed permanent guardian in docket number 18P1286.” On Thursday, October 4, 2018, certain properties were listed under the legal notices section of the Needham Times. On October 24, 2018, a court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem Susan Rossi Cook of Franklin (508-528-5122), wrote extensively about the conditions of the properties and John’s hoarding and other actions and said that he was incapable of conducting his financial affairs and that “there is no reasonable likelihood that Mr. Savanovich can return to his home to reside independently.” She recommended that his properties should be “sold forthwith.” Atty. Cook was paid at an hourly rate of $300 per hour, invoicing $3,420.00 for her services.

Court Files Impounded –
Hidden from Electronic Listings

No one might ever have known about John’s situation. His court files were impounded, and very, very strangely, his file information doesn’t show up on the electronic listing. This makes his case basically invisible from newspapers or anyone to view or investigate.

But John had read The Boston Broadside and the horrific story of the taking of Marvin Siegel of Boxford, and his isolation, medication, and liquidation (of millions) by court-appointed guardians. John reached out to Marvin’s daughter, Lisa Siegel Belanger, for help (as an attorney, she had helped chronicle the abuse of her father at the hands of a guardian, and continues to fight the guardian). John also reached out to The Boston Broadside. (For her part, Lisa immediately went to bat for John. However, she’s being  dogged by agressive, politically-connected lawyers who are on the verge of removing her license to practice law. Lisa exposed many irregularities against multiple Massachusetts lawyers and judges in a RICO filing. The Mass. courts refused to hear Lisa’s case, but instead, the Board of Bar Overseers are pitched to rip away Lisa’s license, because of what she filed in the RICO documents.)

What we have discovered so far is that Attorney Schwartz arranged for John’s file to be locked down. “Impounded,” with the excuse that no one should see the file’s contents as they contain personal medical information and such – you know, privacy laws. These same kinds of excuses we’ve seen before. Excuses such as these were used to isolate Mary Frank from the public. How much personal medical information? Practically nothing compared to the thickness of the file. Despite being Impounded,” The Boston Broadside got the file, but Schwartz and his associates at JF&CS still control John’s life, and John’s money.

EDITOR’S NOTE, MAY 22, 2019: UPDATE:  PROBATE COURT JUDGE GEORGE PHELAN IS VERY UPSET WITH BOSTON BROADSIDE FOR PRINTING PORTIONS OF FILE UPDATE TO FOLLOW….AND WE’LL BE PRINTING AND POSTING MUCH MORE!  (Anyone know anything about the judge’s propensity for property purchasing? Just asking. His financial disclosures, redacted, appear to leave open many questions. Contact us.)

Attorney Schwartz – Just a Reminder

Schwartz is the same guy who, along with several other representatives for Jewish Family & Children’s Service, grinned, smiled, laughed, rejoiced, and for a couple of them, made a big spectacle in Cambridge Probate Court a little more than a year ago when they won a major step towards pulling the plug (literally, ending the life) on widow Beverley Finnegan. (Beverley was taken against her will and placed under so-called JF&CS guardianship. Her sister still seeks information on the death of Beverley. See story on page 17.)

Where from Here?

At press time, Attorney Belanger was scheduled to appear in court with John to begin his attempted defense against Mr. Schwartz and Jewish Family & Children’s Service. An uphill battle, as it’s a near penniless John vs. an incredibly huge outfit with bottomless resources with a long track record of finding and then helping to orchestrate selected seniors into court-ordered guardianships.

John knew he needed some assistance, knew he needed help, but he explained, “I don’t deserve to have everything taken away, everything. They lied to me. They took everything. They tricked me into signing away my rights. At one point, they sent a so-called doctor to where they stuck me to live now. All he did was keep saying that I needed to sign papers to sell the rest of my properties. That’s all he cared about was my money.” ♦



70 Replies to “NETFLIX FEATURES NEEDHAM, MASS. SENIOR HORRIFIED: Jewish Family & Children’s Service FORCED Guardianship of Another Millionaire

  1. I surely don’t condone any improprieties committed against seniors, (regardless of involvement of Jewish Family & Children’s Service, an organization that I admittedly am not familiar with).
    I’m disgusted by the Fresno, California law offices of Coleman & Horowitt LLP. It’s a money laundering front with extortionist brawlers.
    It’s an imitation “Jewish law office” run by anti-Semitic white supremacy financiers who funnel stolen estate monies of Jewish people to further their hate campaigns.
    Cowardly, vile, predatory, inexcusable.

    1. Do a search of our site for Mary Frank or Finnegan, or Marvin siegel… tip of the iceberg in mass..

    2. Just legal Scumbags in general because as I have learned in life what’s morally right and legal can be 2 entirely different things at odds with each other.

  2. I am completely horrified by this. I cannot wrap my head around the legality of this guardianship. This needs national and international attention. I watched the Netflix documentary and any idiot can confirm that is of sound mind and body.

  3. I am appalled at the state of Massachusetts. I understand that people want their neighborhood to look pretty for property tax purposes. I wonder how the people that reported this man feel? I wonder how young they are and if somebody will do it to them when they get older. Is there no common decency in this world anymore. You should be ashamed of yourself you greedy person you. I was raised to respect my elders not Prey Upon them.

  4. I just watched the documentary on Netflix that featured John’s story. I want to help. He should not have to scrimp and save to by the necessities. How can I make sure he gets the money I want to send to him?

  5. John great story on Netflix. You were robbed. WE will all be more careful and advised because of your story. Your relative will suffer as a result of her actions. it’s just the way the universe works. No need to ever worry energy has it covered. Money never satisfies.

  6. Just finished watching Dirty Money on Netflix Season 2, Episode 5 called Guardians, Inc and WOW what an eye-opener. There is a special place in Hell for Attorneys Peter Russell, Nicholas Luisa, Dave A. Schwartz and Dr. Stolyar to begin with…..

    Who steals someone’s assets, money and life like this??? These people are ROTTEN to the core. Not to mention all the participants in the court system and the Jewish Family & Childrens Service having a questionable history with elder care? This ALL should be investigated! In some cases, these same people are STILL victimizing others. These attorneys need to be DISBARRED from practicing! They are predators within the community.

    Sounds like a HUGE, HUGE lawsuit for John Savanovich. What happened to him is a FELONY in some states!!! It is obvious he is sane. He just needed some help and these cockroaches stole his money. He needs to sue them all!!! His attorney should rally up some excellent pro bono allies and get this to Court, just in another venue since there are so many issues within the backward system there.

    You usually hear about this kind of thing (unfortunately) within families but this is ridiculous! My grandmother went through something like this when she made my uncle, her favorite child, Power of Attorney over everything including her finances. Next thing you know, he’s buying luxury cars, a $500,000 house, his wife is going on shopping sprees, etc, etc. and he tried to put my grandmother in a nursing home. He was living it up until the siblings and my grandmother took him to Court. He ended up having to pay back EVERY penny or face incarceration. Sounds like something similar should happen to all the participants in this case!!!! I’m thinking punitive damages, too.

    Prayers to you, John Savanovich!!! Be strong!!! A GoFundMe account should be started for him to defray some of the legal costs but to ALSO help him get through his day to day as long as no one can take it from him.

    Btw, when did the Attorney General’s Office start sending letters out about litter and clean up at residential sites? That’s usually a county’s responsibility! Must be a small town. What the AG’s Office should be doing is helping with John Savanovich’s case and any case related to elder abuse!!!! Make the laws more stringent in Massachusetts!!!!

    Thanks for helping shine a HUGE LIGHT and exposing this problem for what it is, CRIMINAL!!!

  7. I want to know how to help John. I watched the documentary and haven’t stopped thinking about it ever since.

    All I can offer is prayers for now. Hang in there John.

  8. I’m in utter shock after reading through all the related content on this site (bostonbroadside.com) and watching the Netflix documentary. I woke up today with an even lesser respect for the “law” than I already had. Where’s the accountability? Seems like everything boils down to greed when humans are involved.

  9. Remember when being a lawyer was just about equal to being a doctor. Every city or suburban neighborhood had a few. Many helped people. Many were scholarly. Then starting in the mid 1980’s law schools began turning out large numbers of lawyers. From the mid 80’s to present day, the quality of lawyers went noticeably down. Today lawyers are a nickel a dozen. Many lack integrity and legal skill. Good people seeking legal help with strong cases, are told by untalented lawyers that they don’t have a case. Many of these lawyers today can’t even find a job in the legal profession.

  10. Greed, greed, greed! The attorneys in the Netflix special fortunately are identified. People with this type of reprehensible conduct lacking any sort of moral integrity or impeccability should lose their licenses. These people prey upon the weak. Well the weak become stronger and people lacking of integrity become weaker. Look in the mirror and accept accountability for your wrong doings. Your grins and smirks during the special showed your lack of strength, merit and honor.

  11. I really want to know if John is well and healthy ? Is there anyway I can contact him ? I would like to write him a letter. His story broke my heart

  12. This is absolutely disgusting. Not sure how people who do these kinds of things can live with themselves, but moreso how they can be enabled by the system that is intended to protect these elderly people.

    I want to know how I can help John.

  13. I️ would like to help John someone please send me any information on how I️ can help him. Email:Marlareboyras@gmail.com
    Please!!! I️ also have many family members who are attorneys. Please.

    1. I hope somebody has helped..
      Justice needs to he done , we need to protect the elderly

  14. Unfortunately, Johns’s story is not unique! Countless, heartbreaking, true stories just like his are found all over the internet. You don’t have to look very far. Just Google, “Predatory Guardianship” and you’ll be horrified by how often this tragedy is playing out in Probate Courts all over the country!

    Here in Portland, Oregon I’ve personally witnessed, first hand, (over 3 years and counting) this sickening and disgraceful practice!

    I have a dear friend who has lost nearly a million dollars due to the actions of deceitful, greedy, lawyers, fiduciaries, guardians, doctors, court visitors, etc.

    There is NO WAY the Judges overseeing these cases are not aware of what’s happening!

    Sadly, this has been going on for decades and the professional “thieves” are only getting better!

    I have searched and searched trying to buy the Netflix documentary but it doesn’t appear to be for sale? If it were I’d buy hundreds of copies and send them to the people running our State so there’d be no excuse for them feigning ignorance!

  15. I don’t know if I can even finish watching this Netflix episode.
    I’m so heart broken and horrified. Human nature, it can be so ugly.

    1. It’s worse when the guy calls you, and you talk, and you listen. Then you read his documents. Then you talk, and you listen…

    1. I’m on board. I am currently looking into how we can effectively financially and legally help John. I feel so awful for John, he seems like such a sweet man, and to be subjected to this breaks my heart. I am fortunate enough to be able to take care of both my parents, pay their hospital bills, and medications – and it absolutely adds up; I personally feel an understand the impact it may have on someone that does not have family support.

      If anyone would like to contact me to help strategize how to help John please feel free to contact me:

      Dollphom1@ hotmail.com

  16. This is what happens when Massachusetts has a useless agenda based Attorney General. Maura Healy is one of the weakest state AGs on consumer, patient and elder rights in the U.S… She seeks publicity that requires little effort from her.. She virtually ignored the Mass State Police scandals. The U.S. Attorney had to intervene. No word from Healy about the fact that the Mass Pension Board voted that the guilty corrupt state troopers get to keep their pensions. In most states the state AG would intervene to help the elderly. Not in Massachusetts with Maura Healy. She calls her self a progressive. Her policies are regressive to the elderly,

  17. Out of curiosity, did you watch the episode of Dirty Money featuring President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner?

    1. it’s a valid question… granted this issue is a horrifying and an important one… but how can your site try to take the high road on this issue but adopt a head in the sand policy on the just as important atrocities committed by those who are in your political camp… and then when questioned on it you take an imperious… indignant attitude… truth is truth and wrong is wrong regardless of which side of the isle you’re on…

    2. The article about the NETFLIX piece is a follow-up to a local article which we did a local story we covered nearly a year prior to the NETFLIX release. NETFLIX has a lot of great pieces in this series, but we posted our update on this one, because this one is, as noted above: an update on a local story we previously covered. Trying to link this NETFLIX piece to another NETFLIX piece, and inject “political camp(s)” into it doesn’t make sense. This isn’t about a political camp.

  18. We all need to be absolutely certain that the money (Go Fund Me) would go to someone trusted as John has had his power stripped. He has no living relatives from what the documentary stated. Quite the close knit criminal ring involved in this horrendous theft. Those of you who have attorneys/connections should reach out and inquire what the possibilities are where helping him is concerned. Just sickening to me. We would help as well.

  19. Just rewatched this incredible show. His common law wife with the help of an attorney has been fighting for him in court for 2 years. Can someone contact her to set up a legal fund and find out what the current status is from a legal standpoint? Also, who should we all be writing in order to shine more light on his situation? Senator, Congress, Human/Civil Rights organization? Just trying to brainstorm here. Any concrete ideas?

  20. Disgusting law, these thieves are a disgrace to the human race, real oxygen thieves. Guirdianship? More like thieves! This behaviour would not happen in UK. You people need to wake up and get this sorted these thieves need to be hung, strung up in public.

  21. I am sickened by this story. There has to be a way to help John-My heart is aching for this poor man, he has no one to help. After all these years he saved and lived frugally only to have it all stolen?!

  22. What is it with our judicial system and these corrupt judges ALL FOR MONEY?!? they will burn in hell for what they’re doing!! My heart is breaking for John, I want to help him somehow. What can people do to help him? As for Charlie, I’d like to wipe that smirk off that disgusting tanya’s face.

    1. You would have been horrified in Cambridge Probate Court when a gaggle of lawyers, guardian, et al, hugged, cheered, jumped up and down, excited that the judge indicated she would give them permission to pull the plug on on their “ward.” Must have been a bonus in it to stop having to pay ICU expenses… very sick. Enter Finnegan in the search box on our site.

  23. As an American, I am horrified by this story. The Guardian and the Court basically stole this poor man’s asset he worked so hard to accumulate all his life. This is such travesty! If there is justice in a America, this one certainly needs an answer and fair trial. John, don’t give up! Stay strong! These scammers should all be persecuted to the full extent of the law. I am disgusted after watching this !

  24. What a scumbag lawyer!! Taking this mans life savings, it a crime, a felony over $5000. Where the hell is the justice? Maura Healy should do her job and protect innocent consumers from this scam. Is there not an elder law attorney in Massachusetts with a heart to help this poor guy, someone step up!!!

  25. Peter Russell should go out of business. This is a huge abuse of people in need. I hope this firm goes out of business for a lack of morals. Carma will come to those who are predators of those in need. What a low life human. How can you sleep at night?

  26. A couple of years ago, my wife and I had an attorney create a trust for us because we had heard about the horrors of probate and guardianship. What has happened to John and many others (I’m sure this is just the tip of the ice berg) unfortunately is legal and until the laws are changed and someone monitors these guardians more will get hurt. The next step is contacting the Attorney General of Massachusetts.

    1. You can try to elicit a response from the Attorney General, but thus far, in many cases, no one has been successful…..just saying…

  27. Guardian abuse here in WA involves, the AG,Mayor, governor State of license of WA Business most Snohomish Seattle judges debt collectors and arbitration. Attorneys will not help anyone in WA or they will lose their license guaranteed. They launder the money through the WSBA and the main goal is to take your home sell it cheap to a judge that they pay off then turn around and sell for big money. Zwicker Associates is involved with all of this fraud and abuse he can do what ever he wants. The Fraud and Guardian Abuse is just getting bigger and they make up 200% of the documents and the judges look the other way.Can you imagine you worked hard all your life and these scumbags are taking your kids college money and their inheritance because they can.

  28. Hello, I live in Canada and this cannot happen here because of human rights being in place. I am in such disbelief, for John this is hell on earth. Knowing that you are worth $3 million but receive $300 every 20 days. WhT kind of sick demented people are these?
    Charlie’s story is equally heart-breaking, his estranged family showed up to “protect” him for his common law wife who took a good care of him and clearly was a loving positive person in his life.
    I will search for Belanger (his pro-bono lawyer), and will donate to her. She is the only one I would trust.

  29. I am a Phoenix Arizona resident. I am a licensed physical therapist with fingerprint clearance and I want to take care of John til his dying day. If you’re listening John Needham. I will care for you. You don’t have to cry or be in pain. Take your hands and wrap them around you, a big hug to you. 480-886-8251

  30. Something has to be done period. Go after these scumbags.
    Please Please.
    This is right up there with molesters.

  31. I watched this story in horror yesterday and I cannot understand why there is so much evil in this world. Can we please approach primetime shows, i.e. Dateline, Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, the view, someone to tell John story and Charlie’s. We cannot these thieves that say to defend the people, rip away people’s money and assets.

    I sent the story to Joe Biden on fb to create awareness, and instead I got political propaganda. They did not even read the message of help for John in this story. Let’s stand together to defend him. I read the follow up on the story and I am worried that even the judge is in this money extortion. We cannot let John be victim of these horrible people. The governor is aware and does nothing.

    PLEASE PLEASE CONTACT ME I WANT TO KNOW THAT JOHN IS OK AND SAFE. We cannot even do any funding campaigns for him because they control everything. But we need to defend him from these evil human being.

    I want to help you advocate for John. And also liberate him from this. We cannot let them destroy his life like this. All of these people should be jailed. They do not deserve to continue their extortion games against the most vulnerable. We should also ask NETFLIX to help. They got a story about him and they would make money of it, while he cannot even choose to have his own lawyer.

    I BEG YOU all to join me in this fight before they medicate him and destroy his brain and health. LET’S UNITE FOR JOHN.

    1. I feel the same way, I want to help John, a person with no relatives who has been completely abused by the system. Please, maybe together, we can do something. I am in Florida but will travel to MS or where I need to travel to help him. He needs many advocates. Please call me.

    2. I feel the same way, I want to help John, a person with no relatives who has been completely abused by the system. Please, maybe together, we can do something. I am in Florida but will travel to MS or where I need to travel to help him. He needs many advocates. Please call me.

  32. Any update on how we can help? I am willing to personally finance $50,000 to get John a legitimate lawyer. If more money is needed we can set up a GoFundMe. I have a large network and a large social platform to help get funding.

    I am 100% seriously, I would send $50,000 directly to John if I knew it would get to him.

    If anyone is a legit lawyer in MA contact me so we can get to work.

    1. Hi,
      We just print the stories, we don’t litigate and such. We try to give voice to the voiceless.

      You might want to contact Mr. Savanovich directly. Someone posted his contact info below….

      I would not recommend attempting to place large sums in the hands of Mr. Savanovich, as the people who control his life would most likely put a stop to that.

      Two things that might help:
      1. A support group of the many folks and family members affected by guardianship.
      2. A comprehensive investigation by outsiders (federal investigators) to bring fairness and clarity to this case and others, once and for all.

  33. These sort of predators should be prosecuted and put in jail like a child molester. Greedy people make the world horrible for the rest of us. These lawyers should definitely be in jail. This IS a crime!

  34. Why do people keep saying this is legal? Let me be clear – there is nothing legal in this and these crooked crooks amd fraudsters should be jailed.

    Holding an power of attorney and guardianship doesn’t mean they can do anything to the person – it has to be in this person’s Best interests.

    How can it be in John’s interest they sell his houses at half the market price, against his will?
    How can it be in his interests the crooked lawyers helped themselves to the money in his account?
    How can it be in his best interests they forced him to pay huge amount of money Every month for the “assistance” he clearly doesn’t need?

    If there has ever been a breach of fiduciary duty by fraud and wilful misconduct, this is a textbook example and it takes the biscuit. Not to mention Even the power of attorney was obtained by fraud.

    They must be jailed and they will be, and they should pay at least 4 million’ damages to John for his losses.

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