Jeff Kuhner and Marine Survivors Rally at State House – Protest RMV, Gov. Charlie Baker

Jeff Kuhner and Marine Survivors Rally at Statehouse – Protest RMV, Gov. Charlie Baker

Honor the Fallen. Call on Governor to Do His Job!

Story Preview by Lonnie Brennan

BOSTON – A tremendous crowd turned out on Saturday, July 13, 2019 to rally in support of the Marine survivors and their families who lost friends and loved ones due to yet another failure of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. RMV management failed to revoke or prevent the issuance of driver licenses to at least 1,600 people who had no business being behind the wheel. One of those issued a license caused the death of five Marines, the wife of a Marine, and the girlfriend of a Marine when he recently crashed a trailer he was towing  into the members of the Jarheads Motorcycle Club.

The rally was a mixture of love and support to the children who will never see their parents and the wives who will never see their husbands, and disdain for registry officials who repeatedly showed gross incompetence, and failed to do their job

Channel 7 News: Five Words, Two Minutes and Twelve Seconds

We’ll provide extensive coverage of the event in our upcoming August 1st edition, including details you will not see anyplace else. For example, when you look at just a few of the pictures below, keep in mind that the biased local media, specifically Channel 7 News, repeatedly referred to the rally as just “dozens of people gathering outside the State House.”

Channel 7 managed just two minutes and 12 seconds of coverage, which included only five words from any of the actual rally speakers. Yes, just five words from keynote speaker and WRKO Talk Show Host Jeffery T. Kuhner.  There were no words reported from any of the other speakers, no mention of the reading of the names of those killed, no mention of the moment of silence, no mention for the call to hold incompetent management at the RMV accountable, no mention that Gov. Charlie Baker was over in England at the time, and stayed to watch Red Sox games, rather than address the tragedy, and no mention of the 1,600 people should not have been allowed to drive, no mention of the call for an independent audit of to determine the number of illegal aliens who have drivers licenses, no mention of the loves ones lost, no mention of the call for the Gov. to do his job and not just paper over things as he has done with the Department of Children and Families and other departments.

While no coverage was seen on Channel 4, 5, 25, and other media, Channel’s 7 broadcast constituted a gross-misrepresentation of the rally. The station injected close-cropped video of the event in their on-air and on-line coverage. They then followed up with canned footage, in-studio feed, old footage, and then filled their coverage with video that was mostly shot more than 18 minutes AFTER the rally was over (including brief interviews of a few at attendees), and footage that showed a dispersed crowd. (We witnessed their filming and their methods, first-hand at the event.)

Some of the rally’s featured speakers (of whom we will print EXTENSIVE COVERAGE in our upcoming August printed edition) included:
Marine Manny Ribeiro  – President of the Jarheads Motorcycle Club
Jeffrey T. Kuhner –  680 AM WRKO Boston (6 – 10 a.m. broadcast M-F)
Geoff Diehl – WRKO frequent guest (former state rep. and senate candidate)
Aidan Kearney – who was one of the first to expose the driver’s issues and the RMV issues


We’ve included a few photos below. We’ll have full-coverage and photos of each speaker in our August 1st edition.

Manny Ribeiro addresses crowd

Large crowd reduces Beacon Street to one lane – overflow takes over across the street

Crowd begins to fill area across the street from State House – overflow

Hundreds of Motorcycles line up along Beacon Street


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