Arbella Insurance Execs., Mugar Development – Fuel Sec. of State Galvin’s Campaign


Democrat Sec. of State Galvin Rakes in $85,587 in 15 Weeks

Campaign Account Breaks the $800,000 Mark
Arbella Insurance Execs., Mugar Development,
Contractors and Unions Fuel Campaign

by Lonnie Brennan
As of April 15, 2018, Democrat Secretary of State William F. Galvin was sitting on a $812,680 balance in his campaign account, as a result of raking in $85,587 since the start of the year, or put another way, an average of $4,985 per week.
Who donates to the secretary of state? Well, in the first 15 weeks of this year, the Democrat pol received 189 contributions to his campaign account, with lots of unions, lobbyists, construction firms, and donations from Arbella Insurance executives. Hmm. The following are 54 of his recent 189 contributions (so you can get a flavor of the rich and famous, as well as the union and political action committees fueling his campaign):
Jonathan W. Mugar, Businessman, Mugar $1,000
David G. Mugar, Businessman, Mugar $1,000
Peter S. Mugar, Businessman, Mugar $1,000
David T. Ting, Businessman, Mugar $1,000
Jennifer Elizabeth Mugar Flaherty, At Home Homemaker $1,000

John F. Donahue, CEO Arbella Insurance $1,000
Gail Eagan, Vice President Arbella Insurance $500
Gayle O’Connell, VP Arbella Insurance $500
Christopher Hall, VP Arbella Insurance $500
Joseph Salerno, II VP Arbella Insurance $250
Eileen Splaine Currie, VP Arbella Insurance $1,000
Janet Corcoran, VP Arbella Insurance $500
Paul Brady, VP Arbella Insurance $250
Lynellen Rairez, Chief Actuary, Arbella Insurance $500
Steven Jacobs, Sales & Marketing President, Arbella Insurance $250

Thomas Sonnabend, 19 Ketch Lane, Quincy, Uber Driver $1,000

American Federation of Teachers MA PAC $500
United Food & Commercial Workers PAC (Rhode Island) $500
United AAW (Connecticut) $500
National Assoc. of Government Employees $1,000
Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP State-Local
Political Action Committee, (South Carolina) $500
Chapter 25 Teamsters $500
Lawrence Teachers Union Committee on Political Action $250
Brockton Fire Fighters People’s Committee: $500
Boston Police Patrolmens PAC $500
Boston Carmen’s Union PAC $500
Elevator Constructors Local 4 PAC $500
Ironworkers Union Local 7 Political Action Committee $500
Laborers International Local 1421 $500
Mass. Brick Layers People’s Committee $500
MA & Northern NE Laborers PAC $500
MBTA Inspectors Union PAC $500
IBEW 1505 COPE FUND $500
Millwrights Local Union 1121 $1,000
Painters District Council #35 PAC $500
Plumbers Union Local #12 PAC $250
United Assoc. of Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 4 PAC $250
United Transportation Union Political Action Committee $250
Lawyers for Action PAC $500
Cross and Shield PAC $500
Mass Assoc. of Realtors PAC $500
Mass Retail Lumber Dealers $500

Michael Putziger, Chairman Winn Companies $1,000
Josef Rettman, Managing Principal NEI General Contracting $1,000
Michael Fish, President & CEO Delbrook Construction $1,000
Jay Cashman, President Cashman Construction $250
Paul Donahue, Executive at Weston Associates $1,000
Robert Verrier, President, The Architectural Team $500
James Hyatt, President Hanover Insurance Group $500
Robert MacPherson, Executive, Cape Boston Co. $250
James Moulton, Business Development – Hyland Software $300
Mark Shaughnessy, Atty. Boyle & Shaughnessy $1,000

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