Colarusso/Cambell “Let’s Get You Back to Business”

Caroline Colarusso Massachusetts small business owners should be allowed to reopen safety. Generations of blood, sweat and tears built this. Americans Built This !

“Its time for change in Washington DC ! I am happy to announce my official candidacy to represent you in Congress( MA-5) To support me or get involved with the campaign you can visit my webpage at To donate securely go to

Join me ! America and Massachusetts are worth fighting for !

2 Replies to “Colarusso/Cambell “Let’s Get You Back to Business”

  1. Colarusso ? This is a different view you have . Why have you always been in Kaufman and Bakers pockets.  Baker is the one who has closed down business unconstitutionally.  In our state of Massachusetts.  You have said nothing of our useless legislature and anti-Trump Governor Baker . Colarusso you wouldn’t know what a true Republican Conservative was if it bit you in the butt. You are a member of the Massachusetts Gop state committee and have done nothing but supported Governor Baker.  You are a member of The Massachusetts Republican assembly and have done nothing . Member of Mara group five under John Dimmascio.  The fake Trumper who with B Kennedy thinks its wrong for Patriots to protest against tyranny.  You are a fake doing this ccx run for your own selfish intrest.  You are a fake Trumper and a Rino. 

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