#NeverTrump Massachusetts Republican Party Screwing Around Again…

Go to http://bigleaguepolitics.com/nevertrump-republicans-pretend-woman-still-lives-state-block-pro-trump-candidate/

and you’ll learn just a small part of the story behind how the MessGOP (a.k.a. the MassGOP) plays games. 

Here’s an excerpt from the story


The heavily #NeverTrump Massachusetts Republican Party is pretending that one of its state committee members still lives in Massachusetts in order to prevent a pro-Trump candidate from running and winning her seat.

NeverTrump Republican governor Charlie Baker’s loyalists are claiming that state committee member Angela Hudak still lives in Massachusetts, even though she moved to North Carolina. The Baker loyalists want to delay a caucus vote for her seat until their preferred candidate is more organized and well-equipped to win the election against a feisty pro-Trump insurgent challenger.


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