Senate Candidate Shiva “I’m Rich” Ayyadurai Places Political Stake Through His Heart

Senate Candidate Shiva “I’m Rich” Ayyadurai
Places Political Stake Through His Heart

Call this race for Senate done, over, toast, for would-be-Senate-candidate Shiva Ayyadurai. The video at tells it all (temperament, and no real clue about his opponents). Many thought that Shiva looked promising to contribute ideas, energy and business perspectives to the race to unseat Elizabeth Warren, but instead he continues to suffer self-inflicted wounds. This is just one of several thus far. Watch the video.

In the video, Shiva insists that Howie Carr (Boston’s talk radio patriarch) is a fake-Trumper and doesn’t want to defeat Warren. Shiva made other claims against Carr elsewhere in the media and Carr let the would-be-politician on his show. He repeated to Shiva, face-to-face, the many things Shiva said about him and termed them “nasty.” Carr asked Shiva to explain himself. Shiva doubled-down, first refusing to speak at all about Carr, then attacking him as a fake supporter of Trump.

Either Shiva is delusional, misinformed, or off his hinges. Carr responded in kind by asking Shiva if he had any skeletons in his closet. Shiva said none. Carr asked him if he had ever been arrested. Shiva refused repeatedly to answer. Carr then dropped the bomb: a 2005 arrest report on Shiva for domestic abuse.

The interview ended during the break with Carr’s producer asking Shiva to just leave if he won’t let Carr speak at all. (Shiva was on a rant.) Shiva continued his rant in the hall, claiming that he had “exposed” Carr for being a fake Trumper.  Seems that despite his big bucks, Shiva’s campaign is effectively over with any voter who views his tirades.


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