Senate Candidate Shiva “I’m Rich” Ayyadurai Places Political Stake Through His Heart

by Lonnie Brennan

Call this race for senate done, over, toast for would-be Senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai.

The video tell it all (temperament, no real clue about his opponents).
We thought he might have a lot to contribute to the race: ideas, energy, business perspective, but he continues to suffer self-inflicted wounds. This is just one of several thus far. Watch the video.


A few thing about the candidate:

Shiva first voted, first time, ever, ever, according to him (and many “ear-witnesses”) in November of 2016. Not very adult of him. And now he wants to run for Senate? Against Liz Warren? And he thinks he can win by spreading fake news about Howie and his opponent Geoff Diehl?




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