Senate Candidate Shiva “I’m Rich” Ayyadurai Places Political Stake Through His Heart

by Lonnie Brennan Call this race for senate done, over, toast for would-be Senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai. The video tell it all (temperament, no real clue about his opponents). We thought he might have a lot to contribute to the race: ideas, energy, business perspective, but he continues to suffer self-inflicted wounds. This is just […]


Mass. State Reps: The Nangle Gang Still on the Loose

The Nangle Gang Still on the Loose and Riding High on Taxpayers’ Money by Broadside Staff The four-members of the Nangle Gang have increased their plundering of taxpayer’s gold this year. Their take has increased to $120,000 against the wishes of many law-abiding and well-intentioned citizens, including the sitting governor of this commonwealth. The Nangle […]