Minneapolis City Council Vows to Defund Police – Liberals Willing to Put their Communities in Harm’s Way

by Brittany Jennings

The Left wants to dismantle and destroy law and order in America.

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, anarchy erupted all over the nation. Now, major cities call to defund police departments.

Nine out of 13 Minneapolis city council members have said they want to dismantle the city’s Police Department.

Minneapolis Council President Lisa Bender told CNN, “We committed to dismantling policing as we know it in the city of Minneapolis and to rebuild with our community a new model of public safety that actually keeps our community safe.”

However, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said he doesn’t support abolishing the police.

A spokesperson for the mayor said in a statement that he is “unwavering in his commitment to working with Chief Arradondo toward deep structural reforms and uprooting systemic racism.”

New York Police Benevolent Association President Mike O’Meara said at a press conference, “I am not Derek Chauvin, they are not him. He killed someone. We didn’t.”

Police officers all over the country are appalled at the actions of the Minneapolis police and they should be.

He added, “Stop treating us like animals and thugs, and start treating us with some respect! That’s what we’re here today to say. We’ve been left out of the conversation. We’ve been vilified. It’s disgusting.”

According to the lunatic Left, it’s a sign of “privilege” if you don’t want your home broken into.

On Monday, Councilor Bender told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota that people worried about not having anyone to call for help during a break-in speak from a “place of privilege.”

This begs the question: who will American citizens rely on for protection? This is an unrealistic and dangerous suggestion from our politicians and leaders across the United States.

Major cities such as New York City, Los Angeles and Boston are also seeking to defund their police departments.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the city will “identify $250 million in cuts” to invest more money into communities of color.

Mayor Bill De Blasio said New York City will do the same. He will “find significant savings in the NYPD budget” that will go toward “youth development and social services for communities of color.”

Here in Boston, Mayor Marty Walsh said in an interview on WCVB-TV’s “On the Record,” “We’re going to have real serious conversations about some of the reforms that we put in place when I became mayor in 2014…. I think there’s an opportunity for us to reallocate some of that money, whether it’s into training or to community involvement.”

Yet, President Trump promises there won’t be any dismantling of law enforcement.

“There won’t be defunding. There won’t be dismantling of our police, and there’s not going to be any disbanding of our police. Our police have been letting us live in peace, and we want to make sure we don’t have any bad actors in there,” he said.

The president clearly stands strong against this radical idea that would jeopardize the safety of the American people. If there isn’t law and order, this would be extremely harmful and devastating to all communities.

These liberal policies will put innocent American’s in harm’s way. The thin blue line is what separates order from chaos, and I stand with law and order. You should, too.

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LOS ANGELES – MAY 30, 2020: Unidentified Participants Vandalizing Police Car During The Protest March Against Police Violence Over Death Of George Floyd.

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