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#3: Join Boston First Responders United Sunday 1/23 to Oppose Boston’s Vaccine Mandate

January 23, 2022 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST



This Weekend’s Action Alerts Sat. 1/22 and Sun. 1/23

Hosted by our fellow medical freedom groups!


#1: Rally outside Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Saturday 1/22 12pm


Massachusetts resident David Ferguson, 31, is being denied a heart transplant if he does not receive the Covid-19 injection. Join together in front of Brigham and Women’s Hospital to rally for David.



#2: MARCH with WeThePeopleOfMA

Sunday 1/23 11am


March from Morningstar Baptist Church (1257 Blue Hill Ave, Mattapan) to Harambee Park – NOVAXMANDATES and NOVAXPASSPORTS

email for more info WeThePeopleOfMA@protonmail.com



#3: Join Boston First Responders United

Sunday 1/23 to Oppose Boston’s Vaccine Mandate



“Boston First Responders United seeks to re-instill into American society the core tenets of Freedom established by the Founding Fathers and to reaffirm our God given rights to make decisions for ourselves and for our families particularly as it relates to medical treatment, without duress from any political or governmental entity.

BFRU stands in solidarity with all emergency personnel, teachers, nurses, all labor union workers and every other type of worker in Massachusetts who are being subjected to unethical and illegal terminations. We stand with all those who demand medical freedom while maintaining their employment. BFRU rejects the notion that ones ability to live free and prosper in the U.S. is conditional on subjecting ones body to unwanted medical treatment or vaccine injections through government strong arming and overreach.”

Visit BostonFirstRespondersUnited.com


Send a message to Boston Mayor Wu and Boston Politicians to oppose vaccine passports – FREETHEHUB.COM
Help BFRU Fight These Mandates – DONATE HERE



2 Easy Actions to Oppose Vaxx Passports & Support 4416


Take Action to Support Representative Peter Durant’s bill H4416 that would prohibit vaccine passports in the Commonwealth.


Read the Bill: Massachusetts HD4416


An Act prohibiting COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of entry, to the commonwealth, to public buildings, a business, place of public accommodation, resort or amusement, and no public or private elementary school, secondary school, high school, charter school, college, university or other post-secondary institution of higher education shall require proof of vaccination against COVID 19 as a condition of enrollment, access to campus or attendance in in-person class.


1. Send a letter to support HD4416


We have a brand new petition that has a double purpose. It opposes the vaccine passports and supports H4416. We will submit it to the committee that will be considering the bill. This bill was late-filed so it does not follow the usual process.


2. Sign NEW Petition To Oppose Passports & Support 4416



What Next?

Eyes on the Legislature!



Eyes on the legislature!!!! They need to vote all bills, that have already had a hearing, out of the current committee one way or another by February 2nd.


SUPPORT Bills S1122 & 4151. These are broad Medical Freedom Bills. They are in the judiciary committee and we want the members to vote these bills favorably out of committee!!!


WHAT WE NEED YOU TO DO: If your legislator is on the Judiciary Committee, email, call, tweet, and try to get a meeting with them to share your concerns – We can help you, email us!


Find your Legislator here https://malegislature.gov/Search/FindMyLegislator.


Here is a ready-to-send letter EVERYONE can send to their legislators, Gov. Baker, and the entire judiciary committee. CLICK RED BUTTON BELOW! (You can take this action more than once. So if you already sent one, do it again! You can edit to more if more personal.)


CLICK TO SEND A LETTER to the Judiciary Committee, Your Legislators and Governor Baker to Support S1122 & H4151


If you have not already…SIGN the Petition to SUPPORT S1122 – An Act relative to bodily autonomy and family integrity. This bill will protect your fundamental right to make decisions about your own healthcare without coercion or discrimination.

MA residents only, you can only sign once.







All other bills that have been heard will be voted on too! Keep on speaking up until they vote! Here are a few bills that are important to OPPOSE!


OPPOSE Oppose S1571 and H2271 (Community Immunity) and H2411 (Removal of Religious Exemption) and S1398 and H2228 (Immunization Registry) Get a template to oppose here. You can also find more in-depth information to oppose these bills on the Health Choice 4 Action Website.


OPPOSE Door-to-Door Pushing of Injections and Invasion of Privacy. H.2370 and S.1515, H.2228 and S.1398, H.2276 Get a template to oppose here.


OPPOSE Sections 4 & 5 of S250 and H3716 – Masking and Pool Testing in Schools Get a template to oppose here.


Share C19 vaxx injury stories


Health Rights MA is collecting C19 Vaxx injury stories from Massachusetts residents, for those that want to share them. We are setting up meetings with legislators and they are saying these shots are safe and effective. We need to share the truth with them.


Please fill out this private form if you are willing to share your story and you live in Massachusetts. We will only share the information you give us with legislators unless we contact you to seek further permission.


We may reach out and ask you if you’re willing or able to attend a meeting to share your story. Please use this form and share widely if you know of any groups or boards that may have people from Massachusetts.





TAKE ACTION: Ask Your Legislators to Support MA HD4416 Prohibiting COVID-19 vaccination as a Condition of Entry! HD4416 was just referred to the Committee on Covid-19 and Emergency Preparedness and Management. Let’s make some noise!!!


HD4416 prohibits COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of entry into the commonwealth, into public buildings, businesses, and places of public accommodation, resort or amusement. It also prohibits COVID 19 vaccination requirements for enrollment in public or private schools, including post-secondary institutions, and for access to campus or attendance in in-person class. We all have human rights to make our own medical decisions and decide what is injected into our bodies and the bodies of family members.


If you already sent one, send another one! (there are 10 different letters the rotate)





HealthrightsMA.org needs your help protecting the freedom of all Massachusetts residents to make their own healthcare decisions for themselves and their families without coercion or discrimination.


Now is the time to get meetings with as many legislators as possible to show Support for S1122 and H.4151. MA Medical Freedom Bills S.1122 and H.4151 push back, with concrete solutions, to the medical tyranny we are experiencing.


It is important that meetings are requested by constituents. If you are willing to try to get a meeting or just attend a meeting that is already organized please fill out this very short survey. Thank you!!


Legislator Meeting Survey



We need to find committed people passionate about health freedom that want to help make real change at our legislature here in MA. If you are looking to volunteer or get more involved in helping these bills see some action please fill out this short questionnaire.




Visit healthrightsMA.org


Health Rights MA | healthrightsMA.org




January 23, 2022
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST
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