Mass. Sheriff Tom Hodgson vs. Anti-Law Enforcement Heroux – 2 min. video

The election is only 2 days away.

Tom needs your help like never before!

Leftwing billionaires have poured in half a million dollars to support his unqualified opponent who wants criminals back on our streets.

While our Sheriff Tom Hodgson is receiving police endorsement after police endorsement, his opponent has embraced the defund the police movement which is no surprise considering he voted against funding for the department of corrections, juvenile justice and probation.

Hot off the presses, Sheriff Hodgson received the Fall River Police Association’s endorsement!

We would like to let every voter know about this last minute endorsement and remind our voters to turnout on Tuesday. This is crucial in order for our Sheriff to win!

While the out of state billionaires are funneling in the money, Tom is solely relying on generous donations from good friends like you who want safe streets. Can Tom count on you for a last minute donation?

Time is running out. Won’t you please help?


Team Hodgson

One Reply to “Mass. Sheriff Tom Hodgson vs. Anti-Law Enforcement Heroux – 2 min. video

  1. Since Hodgson strongly supported the execrable Chris Doughty in the Republican Governor primary, I’m just wondering how much ‘help’ the Sheriff has given the Geoff Diehl/Lisa Allen Cole ticket for Governor. Even though I don’t live in his district, I would be willing to donate to him if I knew he was supporting Geoff and Lisa. However, since I haven’t seen any endorsement from the Sheriff, . . ..

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