Bye Bye Biden

from our August 2020 Printed Edition

by Warren P. Russo

Pity the poor Democrats. They cannot help putting forth one deplorable candidate after another. Their latest standard-bearer, Joe Biden, is living proof of how far a smile and a handshake will take even a brainless twit. He has succeeded far beyond his capabilities and accomplishments, both of which are wanting, and despite his greatest obstacle, which, of course, is himself.

Great statesmen are in short supply today. Instead, immense political organizations, dedicated to self-enrichment and eternal reelection to positions beyond their merit, put forward puppet candidates of questionable ability, integrity and, in Biden’s case, morality as well.

While every political party has spawned some unfortunate candidates for public office, none compare to the Democrats’ accomplishments in this regard. For the last 56 years, from LBJ’s Civil Rights Act and the perpetuation of the black college system to our corrupt welfare programs and Joe Biden’s slave-owner mentality, they have done their best to keep black Americans forever on the plantation.

Now the party that spawned the Ku Klux Klan, started the Civil War and enacted Jim Crow laws gives us Biden, a former vice-president chosen solely to provide contrasting skin color for the Great Black Hope. That not-so-dynamic duo, comprising two people of low caliber — one dedicated to enriching himself, the other with a secret agenda to fundamentally transform America into a socialist country — refuses to simply go away.

We have to give Biden some credit, though. Shipped off to Ukraine to get him out from underfoot, he quickly accepted a profitable no-show job for his dope-addict son, Hunter, while also pocketing millions in payoffs for himself. 

When a Ukrainian official was investigating why Hunter was being paid millions to sit on Burisma’s board when he knew nothing about the kind of gas that comes out of the ground and doesn’t speak the language, Joe Biden got him fired by withholding U.S. foreign aid.

While Obama was apologizing for America’s preeminence and kissing the hands of Saudi pooh-bahs, old affable Joe was exhibiting himself in the nude at hotel swimming pools whenever female Secret Service agents were on duty.

Now 77, Joe Biden, famous fondler of little girls, who misses the days when they played with the hair on his legs, has lately resorted to sniffing women’s hair. 

Former staffer Tara Reade says Biden sexually assaulted her when she was 29 years old, but he kept his congressional records covering that offense secret by transferring them to his alma mater, the University of Delaware. The New York Post reports that Biden campaign operatives recently searched those records for Tara Reade’s complaint, but Biden’s office refuses to make the record public despite requests from The Atlantic and The Washington Post.

Joe Biden is yet another Democratic presidential candidate of questionable character, forever offering self-serving apologies for his many gaffes and frequently insulting black Americans even as he appeals for their votes.

“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” Biden recently told a black interviewer, using his trademark slave-master accent.

So this is the new Joe, same as the old Joe. In 2012 he affected that same pseudo-Southern accent while addressing a largely black audience, falsely telling them that Republican economic programs are “gonna put y’all back in chains!”

Is this really the best that the Democratic Party can do? Why would anyone not already in a mental institution want such an utterly despicable person in any public office? Consider some of Biden’s credentials:

A failed lawyer, he plagiarized his way through law school, and because he never learned legal procedure, he was unable to practice law.

Often claiming he is “the smartest person in the room,” he was in reality a “D” student in college and is probably the only person in history ever to earn an “F” in R.O.T.C.

A congressman of nearly four decades on the public payroll, yet he never authored a single piece of legislation during his entire congressional career.

Equipped with neither memory nor public speaking skills, he has continued plagiarizing his entire life, frequently copying the speeches of others and presenting them as his own.

He has never held a real job, never belonged to a union, and never joined the military.

Considering the many conflicts and challenges facing America today from around the world, the ship of state’s helm has no need of a bizarre fellow who attacks his critics by calling them “Lying, dog-faced pony soldiers,” whatever that means.

World leaders will likely not respect a president who shouts, “C’mon, man!” whenever his memory fails to produce a cogent response, which is all too often.

While the prospect of a witless Joe Biden in the White House is sufficiently scary for many, so also are the predictable reactions of his similarly witless supporters. 

Try getting even a pseudo-educated Democrat to explain Joe Biden’s behavior, and all you will get in response is not a word about Biden, but only a lame list of President Trump’s perceived flaws.

Come Election Day this November, America needs to send cotton-picking Joe Biden back to the plantation, where he can spend the rest of his days trying to remember what he had for breakfast.

Say “good-bye,” Joe. Just say, good-bye.  ♦

Warren P. Russo is a veteran journalist and retired Navy officer who writes about politics from Plum Island, Mass.

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  1. A good article. I voted for Markey in the early voting just to vote against Kennedy. In November, I’ll vote for the Republican U.S. Senate candidate. The current polls say that Kennedy is trailing. It would be great progress in this state if the phony Kennedy political dynasty was rejected by Bay State voters. He and his father’s constituent services is and was perhaps the worst of any Bay State congressional delegation in the past 100 years. Their staff was comprised of clueless and often arrogant carpetbaggers. Helping constituents was not on their list of things to do. The Kennedy’s exploited working class ethnic people. They abandoned that demographic. Good to see that the children and grand-children of the onetime Kennedy base no longer buy into the false promises of the Kennedy’s. I am one of those voters.

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