Make America Muslim (reminder, from a reader)

1 minute video

Submitted by one of our readers to remind people:

“The Muslims are at war with the Christians in the USA. The Christians don’t know it.

This is scary. She is now in our Congress  This is a must watch do not pass it up!!!

1 minute message from the Congresswoman from Michigan, Rep. Rashida Tlaib….”

[Editor’s Clarification: The video was recently resurfaced to showcase how a similar extremist, identified as Sharifa Alkhateeb, speaking about converting America to Islam, seems aligned with current day Tlaib’s positions. We posted this interesting video clip show which shows one extremist, and remind folks that such extremists exist.]

“I would encourage everyone to forward this message to all their friends to let them know what is really going on!

No question what she’s pushing for. No question what i think about it😖😣”


One Reply to “Make America Muslim (reminder, from a reader)

  1. THIS IS NOT US Representative Rashida Tlaib The video is nearly three decades old and shows Sharifa Alkhateeb, an advocate for Muslim culture, delivering a speech at the Muslim Americans Political Awareness Conference on Aug. 5, 1989, in which she talked about using public schools to convert students to Islam. In July 2019, a viral video supposedly showing a “1-minute message from the new Congresswoman from Michigan, Rep. Rashida Tlaib” started going viral on social media.

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