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Coronavirus: Gun and Ammunition Sales Spike

by Paul Young

LATE MARCH, 2020: As of today, it is hard to find and buy toilet paper, paper towels, cases of water, guns and ammunition. This coronavirus crisis has spurred a record number of sales of guns and ammunition. Local and big-branch gun stores have seen unusually high volumes and as the grocery store shelves are empty, so too are the gun store shelves. Some local gun stores needed to close just to recharge their employees from working very long hours and to restock their empty shelves.

I have also noticed a dramatic uptick in License to Carry class requests. But my question to you is this: Why do we or why does it take a crisis for people to obtain their License to Carry and/or stockpile guns and ammunition? I strongly recommend when this crisis passes and normalcy takes place, everyone supporting the Second Amendment should reexamine their emergency plan and stockpile while we are not in a crisis.

Most gun stores are open but are limiting the amount you can buy at one time so that everyone gets a chance to purchase what they need. If you notice gun stores marking up and/or doubling the price of products and taking advantage of the crisis, I would avoid supporting that establishment when we return to normal. I hope you are all staying safe and we will return to normal sooner rather than later. Take care.

Paul Young is the owner of Rather Be Shooting and can be reached at 508-989-5679, email paulyoung@net1plus.com or www.ratherbeshooting.com. 

Voters are Urged to Oppose Senator Cynthia Stone Creem’s Attack on Gun Owners

Boston Broadside Editorial/Alert

by Lonnie Brennan

Democrat Sen. Cynthia Stone Creem, with Bill S.1387, seeks to impose an additional 4.75% sales tax on all ammunition and firearms or parts thereof. Worse, her 1,892 word bill also includes creation of new rules and restrictions on gun and ammo sales, would outlaw certain firearms and types of ammo, as well as many more anti-gun freedom provisions.

Yes, this bill is aimed at closing gun stores in Massachusetts and driving all gun owners out of state.

Creem is a known anti-2nd Amendment legislator who has been around since the building of the Ark, and has grown a sickly-sweet arrogance that permeates all that she does. Clearly, she’s not intelligent enough to have written, nor would she be able to comprehend, most of the 1,892 word convoluted bill that bears her name, but she’s the face of anti-guns in Mass., and carries the water for the extremist socialist crowd. Creem needs to be opposed in all that she does. ♦

The Boston Broadside is a proud Recruiter for the NRA.

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