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Mass. Legislature Meets Today – privately – To Discuss Dem. Rep’s Day Omnibus Gun Outlawing Bill

Women’s self-defense rights are at stake as today, at “3:00…..Speaker Mariano’s team convenes a closed-doors meeting with representatives to discuss a 140-page gun law reform bill that Mariano wants to pass the House by the end of the month. Representatives in the first and second divisions are invited to the meeting, one of two that bill author Rep. Day said are designed to clarify misconceptions and confusion about the proposal that has drawn intense opposition from gun ownership groups…..House Members’ Lounge” – from State House News Service.

You read that right: the legislature is meeting in private – behind closed-doors – to discuss the bill that would essentially make most gun and pepper spray owners in Massachusetts future felons.

Here’s the flyer from the Gun Owner’s Action League:


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