“The Barnstable County Commissioners Have Betrayed Our Trust and Need to Resign”

 “The Barnstable County Commissioners Have Betrayed Our Trust and Need to Resign”

 Ronald Beaty, Republican Candidate for Barnstable County Commissioner, Calls for the Immediate Resignation of Current Commissioners Lyons, Forest and Bergstrom, and Demands Transparency and Accountability

 Barnstable (Cape Cod), MA: Tuesday, April 30, 2024 – According to former County Commissioner and present political candidate Ronald Beaty, the people of Barnstable County have been sold out by the very individuals elected to serve them. The current County Commissioners, Sheila Lyons, Mark Forest, and Ronald Bergstrom, have recklessly prioritized special interests and personal agendas over the public good, leaving a trail of broken promises and shattered trust.

 “Lyons, Forest, and Bergstrom have failed our community by prioritizing the privileged few over the needs of the many,” said Ronald Beaty. “It’s time for a change.”

 Their lack of transparency has been a hallmark of their tenure, shrouding their decisions and actions in secrecy. They have consistently refused to allow direct verbal public comment at meetings, silencing the voices of the people they are supposed to serve. This blatant disregard for public input and participation has created a culture of exclusion, where only the privileged few are heard. Additionally, they have repeatedly violated the open meeting law, conducting business behind closed doors and denying the public’s right to know.

 “Lyons, Forest, and Bergstrom’s secrecy has allowed them to push through questionable projects without sufficient public scrutiny, thus harming our regional community,” Beaty said.

 Their neglect of critical infrastructure projects, like the crumbling county courthouses and outdated wastewater treatment facilities, has put public health and safety at risk. The periodic stench of sewage at the County Complex and the sound of crumbling concrete are constant reminders of their failures. Our public buildings under their care, our local businesses, and our towns are all suffering due to their inaction.

 “Lyons, Forest, and Bergstrom have mismanaged our county’s finances, prioritizing pet projects over essential services,” Beaty said. “We deserve better, and they each need to immediately resign.”

 The Commissioners’ actions have silenced the voices of local residents, businesses, and community organizations, ignoring widespread opposition to their decisions. They have mismanaged county finances, overspending on pet projects and misallocating funds, burdening taxpayers and jeopardizing essential services.

 “It’s time to reclaim our region’s future and elect public servants who truly represent the people of Cape Cod,” Beaty said.

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