The Attack on Attorney General Barr was a Juvenile Clown-Show

Dr. Grace Putting Liberals in Their Place.

July 29, 2020 Online Interview on The Kuhner Report – Jeff Kuhner, Boston’s Bulldozer – WRKO AM680.

Democrats seek to silence Attorney General William Barr, cutting him off repeatedly, barely allowing him to speak, as they used the “hearing” not to hear from Barr, but to criticize President Donald Trump.

Atty. General Barr was calm, despite the Democrats rudeness, lies, half-truths, and attempts to repeatedly muzzle him as they made their little speeches. At one point, he tried to answer a question, actually a long tirade of attacks against him, and was rebuked that he was being disrespectful to that member of Congress, because she had not yet finished her question.

Barr stands for the rule of law, repeatedly saying that protesting is fine, looting, burning,,and committing murder is bad.

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  1. I’m glad there is reporting that is not based on the looney liberal values overtaking this country. Regarding the election, if Russia had an interest in getting Trump elected, what would China do to get Biden elected? Biden and family have been huge supporters, and Trump has done everything he can to squash China economically and politically.

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