One Reply to “Dr. Grace: Republican Party Has Totally Bungled Its Responsibility to the American People

  1. Many of the elected GOP politicians are swamp creatures too. Look at the Massachusetts GOP Governors in the past 30 years. Nothing but power hungry people with no reforms. They looked at getting elected as their turn to practice bad government. Then we have John Henry’s Boston Globe rejoicing at twitter and facebook censorship. John Henry recently re-hired the Red Sox manager who was suspended for cheating. Henry is such a moral leader, right? Then Billy Belichick refused a high honor from Mr. Trump. I am glad he refused. The Medal of Freedom is for people who exemplify American goodness. Belichick was a failed coach before Tom Brady and is a failed coach after Tom Brady. In years past he had to pay large fines for cheating allegations. Feeble Joe should give him that award. After all cheaters do have so much in common.

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