Dr. Grace: How Things Are and Should Be – Political Insights

MAY 12, 2021 – DR. GRACE, putting liberals in their place.
Formerly nationally-syndicated radio host, active commentator, former professor at multiple universities…
ON-AIR INTERVIEW on the JEFF KUHNER radio show, 680 AM WRKO BOSTON, MAY 12, 2021

Fauci, Gasoline Shortages, Mittens Romney, Liz Cheney, Donald Trump, China, Russia, and so much more.

2 Replies to “Dr. Grace: How Things Are and Should Be – Political Insights

  1. In today’s Boston Herald an editorial cartoon alluded that with gas shortages, mid east war and inflation that the U.S. is back in the days of Jimmy Carter again. I’d take the America of 1979 over the America of 2021. Back in 1979 most Americans read a newspaper or watched or listened to the news on radio or tv. Conversations about current events were common. The WWII, Korean and Vietnam vets were either middle aged or young. Not a perfect time, but people cared a little. Today we have too many citizens who are apathetic, self absorbed, and entitled that even the malaise days of 42 years ago look good.

  2. Listen to or read the N.Y. Post, Fox News, the Kuhner Report and the Boston Broadside and one gets factual information on the state of the nation. Then if one listens to the WBZ News, CNN, CBS, ABC or NBC news then one gets a diluted , biased view that fails to report reality and facts. WBZ used to be Boston’s premier source of news. Within the past few months WBZ rarely if at all reports on the border crisis, inflation, gas shortages or middle east war. The morning rush hour news highlights weather, restaurant openings and other fluff pieces. During Trump’s term, they reported on every imagined negativity. Our citizens are too busy texting and practicing self-absorbed apathy to even notice how our free press is no longer such.

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