One Reply to “Grace Putting Liberals in Their Place – Trump vs. The Establishment

  1. It was on the WCVB Ch. 5 website the other day that Andrew Card was stating that Mr. Trump brought tears to his eyes because of Mr. Trump’s policies and statements. Card was on WCVB’s 5 on 5 political program. Card alluded that Mr. Trump’s statements opposed our Democratic institutions. Card’s half truths and bias were shameful. Did it bring a tear to Card’s eye when his Bush administration sent Americans to war over half truths and de-stabilized the Middle East.? Does he cry over the persecuted Christians in the Middle East? Did it make Andy boy cry when the Bush administrations sent America’s jobs and industries to Red China, an aggressive totalitarian nation? Andy is another example of the swamp creatures that Mr. Trump rallied against. Another take care of himself Bushite who is still angry that Mr. Trump defeated Jeb in 2017.

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