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Trump Does Sarasota


Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative

Apollo Beach, Florida

Dear Conservative Friends,

Your trusty reporter, Len Mead here – ready to keep YOU informed about who’s going to lead our country out of darkness:.



Unwashed Conservative, Apollo Beach Florida


Trump Does Sarasota –

An Unbiased Report

Trump touched down in Sarasota after visiting Miami and Jacksonville. True to form, the home of Ringling Brothers

Was tapped for an elephant to entertain the long line forming at 9:30 in the morning for his address at noon.

Yes, the line was about one half mile long, but 6-8,000 people moved through

Metal detectors and screening to get in in about 2 plus hours to hear him.

I admit – I bought a portable 3-prong chair and went ahead

While Reggie and caught up to my spot in the shade.

A “portion” of the line – but the 81 degree weather and gentle wind was a beautiful day

People were happy, friendly, chatty, ready for a red meat show.

The entrance – FINALLY!
Inside, after music including Pavarotti, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pavarotti, etc

We all started to hear Trump on the speakers.  “What a great day – I’m so thrilled to be here.”

(Trump was outside giving kids helicopter rides!)  (NO wonder the press stampeded out).

Inside – 6,000 in the stands, 3-4,000 on the floor, plus 3,000 outside on bleachers

With speakers so they could hear what he was saying.

He was commenting to the kids – “You probably don’t want to be here –

But at least now you’ll remember your ride.”

 Len and Reggie Mead
Once inside, Trump immediately slimed the phalanx of TV and media people — ,”You media people

Are TERRIBLE – I know all you’ll report is the protesters outside and maybe inside – plus those that

Couldn’t get in – the hell with you.  But the crowd here – I LOVE YOU.  THANK YOU THANK YOU SO


Naturally, the crowd exploded with applause.

A few boring factoids of his un-tele-prompted comments:

·       Here in Florida, I’m beating in the polls a previous governor and one of the worst senators (on amnesty) TOGETHER.

·       I’m leading in Texas, BIG in NH, leading in Oklahoma, the Carolinas, I’M GOING TO GET THE HISPANIC AND THE BLACK VOTE!

·       They’ll be better off with me than with more democrat hand-outs.

·       Illegals coming across from Mexico – YES, we’ll build a great wall AND MEXICO WILL PAY FOR IT, BELIEVE ME.

·       Super PACS – I’m not saying they’re all corrupt – but most are.  Did you hear how in California a PAC for Carson collected $6 MILLION?  Want to guess how much Carson got??? $180,000!

·       I had my attorneys send letters to every possible PAC that might have been formed to support me – I told them, NO –DON’T DO IT – I won’t take the money.  I’M SELF FUNDING.  I DON’T WANT THE EARNINGS OF HARD WORKING Americans scammed away by these PACS.

·       HILLARY – She’s unfit.  She can’t go two days in a row on the campaign trail without a rest.  She’s inept, tired, and unable to lead – plus of course, she has no track record to run on – the worst secretary of state in history – leaving the world in chaos with our enemies laughing at us.

·       ISIS – I’ll bomb the crap out of their oil fields and pipelines – there won’t be 10 feet of pipe left for them to sell $50 million a month to fund their terrorist activities.  I’ll take the oil, believe me.

·       Trade agreements – we will WIN AGAIN with me.  Day one, I’ll tear up the foolish, unconstitutional “agreement” with Iran who never signed the “agreement” anyway and already says they won’t abide by it.  China, Japan, NO MORE are we going to let them steal our jobs and our technology.

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has a heckler "nicely" escorted out of a campaign rally at the Sarasota, Florida Fairgrounds. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).
U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has a heckler “nicely” escorted out of a campaign rally at the Sarasota, Florida Fairgrounds. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).
·       Yes, there were a few vocal protesters – Trump just stops and laughs at them.  After pausing, he cautioned – be gentle, don’t hurt them – escort them out now – you can do it quicker, be kind – don’t hurt them.  5 minutes later they were out with the police protecting THEM from many in the crow who would have been happy to rough them up a bit.


To summarize,  Trump is winning and having fun doing it.  His message was the usual, dramatic, common-sense message the establishment elites in BOTH parties are now TERRORIZED about:  Secure the borders, repeal Obamacare so the private sector can straighten it out, lower taxes, repatriate the $2-4 trillion businesses now hold offshore to create jobs HERE because our 35% corporate tax rate is the highest in the world, take care of the veterans,  build the Alaska pipeline, strengthen the military, reduce government regulations so the economy can grow and create jobs again for the 95 million who want to work now but can’t find a job, fire many of the millions of federal employees taking a high paycheck to screw up our economy, etc etc.  The taxpaying, voting public seems to have figured out that elite, established politicians always serve themselves FIRST and their constituents LAST.  Trump pledges to reverse those priorities.  The voters seem to like that idea.


Today’s crowd was young, old, happy, friendly – but I have to say with FEW BLACKS.  Certainly fodder for the media – (obviously Trump is a racist.)  Possibly that more reflects the demographics of Sarasota? I don’t know.  Al in all – a happy day with a happy crowd seeing a historic event.


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