– February 1, 2021 –

The FEBRUARY EDITION of the Broadside was mailed out on Saturday. It’s beginning to appear in hundreds of stores for sale, and later this week in select stores in limited quantities as samples.
We have a packed edition including commentary from some of the best, including:

  • Caroline Glick – America’s ‘Great Purge’ (and Israel) via Jewish News Syndicate
  • Betsy McCaughey – On Free Seech
  • Atty. Robert Snider – The Evil Party and the Stupid Party
  • Ted Tripp – Extensive articles including the $594.4 million (so far) of pure pork in the Mass. Budget
  • Catherine White – Constitutional Snippets – Freedom of Speech
  • Star Parker
  • Mary Lou Daxland – Inside Politics on the MassGOP Follies
  • Joe Burkas – Show Me Your Friends, I’ll Show You Your Future
  • Beth Guidry Hoffman – Ongoing Safety Concerns with COVID-19 Vaccines
  • Michelle Malkin
  • Di Lothrop – It’s All in a Word – Trying to Silence Conservatives in New Hampshire
  • Warren P. Russo – Democracy on the Ropes – This is NOT the Party of JFK
  • Exclusive “Why We Went to DC” by Diane Splitz
  • Melane Phillips via Jewish News Syndicate – Will America Stay the Strong Horse when it Comes to Iran?
  • Notes from the NRA
  • Paul Young – Gun Talk
  • President Trump – Address to the Nation complete printout to share
  • Extensive list of some of President Trump’s Accomplishments, to share
  • Camp Constitution
  • Radio Quotes from some of the best, including Jeff Kuhner, Mark Levin, Ed Lambert, Rush Limbaugh, Gars S. Goldman, and Howie Carr…

and so many more…

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