Election Day: Reject the Fakers and Radicals


Today’s Democrats have former president John F. Kennedy spinning in his grave.

Today’s Democrats stand for chaos, open borders, unlimited taxation, racism, and the mutilation of young girls and boys (minds and bodies). Today’s Democrats embrace the seven deadly sins, and more.

Add to that, the top law enforcement officer in Massachusetts, a radical power-craven socialist inept lesbian by the name of Healey who told women to “hold it” if they don’t want to use a bathroom with a dude, and went to the border and urged other lawyers to join her to help usher as many illegals into the U.S., bullishly forges forward, even as a Boston Police sgt. released a video which questioned Healey’s relations with three state police women.

Yes, Healey has a lot of baggage, but mostly she stands toe-to-toe, shoulder-to-shoulder with Joe Biden. If you love Biden, if you love having your children and grandchildren sharing locker rooms, shower rooms, and bathrooms with the opposite sex, if you love everything about Biden and the current cycle of Democrats, you’ll love Healey.


No matter how hard it might be for some, vote for sanity, reject this crop of radical Democrats. Vote Republican this cycle. It might hurt, but the Democrat Party needs a figurative high-five, in the face, with a chair. They need to be pushed back – the radicals which took over the party need to be slapped down at the polls.

Keep it simple: vote Republican (even the worst Republicans running this cycle are better than any Democrats on any ballots in Massachusetts).

And, vote NO on all ballot questions in Massachusetts, because Question 1 is deceptive, Questions 2 and 3 were thrust upon voters with poor preparation, too much confusion and lack of transparency (send them back to the drawing board), and Question 4 needs to get a HELL NO to tell the Democrats we do NOT want illegals to get the vote.

In New Hampshire, let’s hope sanity reins and the crippling inflation thrust upon granite state families by the political fakers Hassan and Pappas, results in the duo being removed from office.

Let’s hope, with Hassan and Pappas and Healey retired, we can begin to protect our borders, our country, our economy, our energy, and our children, from this crop of fakers and radicals.

Lonnie Brennan
Boston Broadside Publisher

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