Lisa Siegel Belanger Files Federal Lawsuit Cites ‘Fabricated and Altered Docket Information’ Probate Court Whistleblower Continues to Fight Back


Lisa Siegel Belanger Files Federal Lawsuit

Cites ‘Fabricated and Altered Docket Information’

Probate Court Whistleblower Continues to Fight Back

by Lonnie Brennan

She hasn’t lost her license, yet. After years of exposing systemic fraudulent guardianships and conservatorships – including those involving her own father – Atty. Lisa Siegel Belanger refuses to be silenced and continues to fight back.

In July besieged Attorney
Belanger filed 1: 21-CV-11453-
FDS in the United States First Circuit District Court of Massachusetts against Norfolk Probate and Family Court Registrar Colleen Brierley and Judge Lee Peterson.

Belanger, who has been fighting back against high-powered Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker’s political appointees and certain lawyers whom she has cited for draining her family of millions, struck back in her July 12, 2022 filing, stating that she has “discovered outright fabrication and fraud upon obtaining the docket in the underlying matter of the above-captioned matter: Norfolk Probate & Family Court Docket No. 18P1217P.”

Belanger had been pulled before the Board of Bar Overseers (BBO) which sought to suspend her license (see prior Broadside issues), and during the COVID shutdown the state’s Supreme Court apparently opened the building just to hear the pleadings against Belanger, and only Belanger.

Belanger repeatedly detailed how certain BBO members had and have attempted to silence her for what she has termed RICO (organized criminal) “exploiting” activities within the probate court system over seniors, their freedom and their fortunes.

In her current filing, Belanger writes: “For the record, the above set forth actions by Attorney John Mirick (and his particular co-hort Attorney Lisa Cukier) constitute additional and continuing actions of criminal extortion—which undersigned counsel has officially reported to A.G. Maura Healey directly via email on multiple occasions. To re-iterate, the underlying criminal extortion refers to the underlying exhibits filed with said Amended Complaint in the above captioned matter provided here as Notice Exhibits 6A & 6B.”

Belanger provided multiple documents and extensive exhibits with her filing to back up each point.

Due to the extensive nature of the filing and our limited space, we’ll be citing a location online for the many pages of her documents. In the filing, she provides details, photographs, and photocopies, including the following:

“Below is the obtained docket Norfolk Probate & Family Court Docket No. 18P12178PM as of July 11, 2022 with evidenced altered and fabricated identifying information pertaining to undersigned counsel as “Former Fiduciary.”

She goes on to detail how she was not a fiduciary, and also calls out certain lawyers whom she stated had placed fabrications into the docket because of “the need to guise the obscene fictional amount of supposed attorney’s fees to con the new presiding judge.”

Belanger went on to recap how she was accessed $410,127.63 in fees by now retired Judge George Phelan. He issued those fees to her then retired the next day. Phelan directed Belanger to pay those sums to attorneys Alexandra Golden and Lisa M. Cukier in what Belanger has detailed were punitive, unfounded, and undocumented fees, again imposed upon her as an attempt to silence a whistleblower in what she termed “the criminal extortion” of her pending inheritance from the death of her father, as well as her national exposure of court-sanctioned plundering of a Massachusetts senior citizen’s estate.

Dealing with the court and reading a quick recap here can seem confusing, but the federal filing is something to make a movie out of with “lawless threat via e-mail” and various twists and roadblocks thrown up against Belanger, repeatedly, as she pried open curtains to expose the workings of certain lawyers in the probate court system.

While we’ll detail more in a future addition, Belanger ends her filing with: “WHEREFORE, undersigned counsel reports the above-described illegal alterations and fabrications to the underlying matter of this above-caption action to the docket of Norfolk Probate & Family Court Docket No. 18P1217PM—which is a criminal offense pursuant to: 18 U.S.C. § 1038 (false information and hoaxes) and M.G.L. C. 268, § 13E.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/Lisa Siegel Belanger

Affidavit of Plaintiff Lisa
Siegel Belanger

I, Lisa Siegel Belanger, on my oath, depose and state that the facts set forth in the above Notice are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Signed under the pains and penalties of perjury.

/s/Lisa Siegel Belanger Date: July12, 2022


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