GOAL ALERT: Democrat Mass. Rep. Michael Day Seeks to Eliminate Guns/Pepper Spray in State

REPRINTED FROM Gun Owners’ Action League Local Communication:

Massachusetts House member Michael Day of Stoneham has proposed a bill to “modernize firearms laws” in Massachusetts.


According to GOAL the proposal was introduced and House Rules for introducing laws were suspended therefore greasing the skids to ram this through during the holiday week.

The bill is 140 pages long and it is not completely coherent because it makes piece-meal edits to existing legislation that you’d also have to read to get the full picture.

Modernizing gun laws essentially means eliminating modern technologies for gun design and manufacturing.  No ARs, no modifications and no assembly from purchased parts without acquiring a serial number from the State.

It means making the acquisition of licenses and firearms as painful and difficult and as long as possible.

It means kids under 15 can’t shoot or hunt.

It means your License to Carry is rendered useless because all locations would be off limits for carry unless otherwise posted.   This applies to pepper spray as well as firearms.  You can’t protect yourself.  That’s how it reads.

We’re asking you to contact your legislative representative immediately to vote against this bill.

The contact emails for House members can be found here

GOAL is also asking for donations.

One Reply to “GOAL ALERT: Democrat Mass. Rep. Michael Day Seeks to Eliminate Guns/Pepper Spray in State

  1. If the Communist on Beacon hill, read the Constitution, They would see 2nd Amendment, we the people do not need the Government to tell us what we need to have a firearm. It’s none of the Governments Buisness. Massachusetts should be a Constitutional carry state, not a Communist ruled state, where we have to ask the royal Government what we can have and how, Didnt have a war with England over that , Lexington and Concord??? Huzzar Huzzar.

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