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    Dear Mr. President! 04.04.2020

    Only an absolute conviction in the need for this appeal and gratitude to the country that sheltered me, a poor refugee about 35 years ago, makes me write a letter to the leader of my country for the first time.
    My name is Boris Balson. For about 40 years I have been working as an immunologist and allergist in different countries, including the last 25 years in Boston, Massachusetts, in my own clinic, University and in one of the leading hospitals. I was repeatedly recognized by my colleagues as one of the leading allergists and immunologists in Boston. I believe that these credentials give me the right to express my point of view on the coronovirus catastrophe that has befallen my and other countries.
    I will try to describe the medical aspects of coronavirus infection point by point, as briefly and concisely as I can.

    1 / The coronovirus has been known for at least 60 years and is among numerous respiratory viruses such as parainfluenza, influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, rhinoviruses Cocsakie viruses, coronaviruses and a number of others that can cause damage to the respiratory tract. Like all other respiratory viruses, coronavirus is not lethal by itself and often clinically insignificant, however, it can prime the mucosa of any part of the respiratory tree, contributing to the superimposition of secondary infections, especially in patients, suffering from primary and secondary immunodeficiency states and with severe concomitant medical problems

    2 / In an absolutely overwhelming percentage of infected patients, coronovirus, like all other respiratory viruses, does not pose any clinical danger at all or causes short-term respiratory medical problems such as upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, tracheitis, and so on.

    3 / Coronovirus, just like other respiratory viruses, is capable of periodic mutational bursts, such as in 2002 (Guangzhou, China, followed by a pandemic in 26 countries), 2012 (Saudi Arabia, followed by a pandemic in 27 countries), 2019 (province Wuhan in China, followed by a pandemic) producing more or less dangerous strains. The previous outbursts were sometimes incredibly more dangerous and serious than the current one, with a statistical mortality rate reaching 30% according to some reports.

    4 / Statistically reported mortality of 1-3% of the current burst of coronovirus mutant is disproportionately small compared to previous outbreaks, but in reality it is tens or even more times less, since it is counted only from the documented number of infected people. The actual number of infected people is certainly many tens of times higher, since, as a rule, the coronavirus carrier does not manifest itself clinically in anyway.

    5 / Even taking into consideration the available official statistics, the total mortality rate in the USA in March 2020 is practically no different from the mortality rate in March 2019.

    6 / There is no way to completely exclude deaths from complications of respiratory viruses in people suffering from primary and secondary immunodeficiency conditions or in persons of extremely elderly age.

    7 / Any quarantine measures can reduce the virus carrier of this particular strain, but will not destroy the coronavirus in general, which is likely to continue its long-term existence, with periodic mutational bursts in the future, causing more or less dangerous infections.

    8 / Anticipated vaccination can actually prevent infection of a given strain of coronovirus, but will be completely powerless against other types of the same coronovirus.

    9 / Quarantine, in which, the population is locked at home in a closed and depressive space without possibility of real physical exertion, insufficient exposure to the sun and therefore vitamin D deficiency can only weaken the population’s immunity and lead to increased level of infection.

    10 / Long-term wearing of masks without frequent and regular replacement can only seriously increase the degree of infection with various viruses and bacteria, which has been unequivocally proven by numerous studies in the past.

    11 / Wearing gloves and anti-infection suits in the case of a coronavirus and other respiratory viruses can be effective exclusively for people who do not follow the most basic hygiene rules.


    1 / Attention should be undoubtedly drawn to the most vulnerable subpopulation – the elderly and sick people. Quarantine, the same as with any other respiratory virus epidemic in the winter, is perfectly appropriate and justified in hospices, nursing homes and hospitals.

    2 / There is no reason for the total quarantine of the rest of the country’s population in case of current respiratory coronavirus .

    3 / Measures should be taken to maximize the stimulation of immunity in the population – sunlight, physical exercises, and fresh air – and not a total restriction of mobility and staying in enclosed spaces with often circulating virus carriers.

    4 / All possible measures, including administrative and criminal ones, should be undertaken to bring down a wave of panic among the population, to stop the depression and anxiety, that have seized the minds of the absolute majority of people.

    5 / The ongoing panic unequivocally increases the potential complications of potentially infected people and certainly aggravates the completely unjustified suffering of people.

    Dear Mr. President!

    I’m certainly not sure that my letter will reach the addressee, but I consider it my professional duty to write it and publish it, motivated by my life slogan “Do whatever you feel is right, and let the pieces fall where they may “

    With sincere respect and full confidence that you will always correspond to the status of the leader of our country and the entire Western world

    Dr. Boris Balson

    Boston, USA

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