They’re Baaack!! Mass. Pols Once Again Push to Give Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Aliens


by Ted Tripp
Political Reporter
Just as New Mexico is in the process of repealing its law allowing driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, Massachusetts is once again pushing ahead to make illegal aliens eligible for learner’s permits and driver’s licenses.
On January 20, 2016 Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier (D-Pittsfield), Sen. Patricia Jehlen (D-Somerville) and 47 other Democrats filed H.2985, a bill Relative to Safe Driving, which would once again allow those persons without social security numbers or proof of citizenship to be eligible for driver’s licenses. The bill was sent to the Joint Transportation Committee, which, on short notice, scheduled a hearing on the merits of it for March 8 in Gardner Auditorium. This gave little time for opponents of the legislation to plan or schedule testimony against the bill. A skeptic of the system might say this rush to a hearing was done on purpose.
The bill is fairly simple and says, in essence: “Nothing in this section shall permit the registrar to deny a license to operate motor vehicles or learner’s permit application based on a failure by a Massachusetts resident ineligible for a social security number to provide a social security number or evidence of immigration status.” It also adds: “(b) A license, learner’s permit or Massachusetts identification card shall not confer eligibility for any public benefit,” though it is unclear how this would be enforced since a license allows one to obtain all sorts of additional identification which could be used for other purposes.
In 2014 the Boston Broadside opposed a similar bill, H.3285, which eventually was given an unfavorable vote by the Joint Transportation Committee. We opposed H.3238 then like we oppose H.2985 now by asking a series of questions. What is to stop a convicted child molester or sex offender from changing his name and then going to the Registry for a new license?  With the new license in hand he could get a job anywhere and a CORI check would show a clean record since there would be no background information. And if that person was stopped by the police for a traffic violation, the police database would show a clean record with no criminal behavior. At least with the current registry system a social security number provides the police with a good chance that the person whose name is on the license is the correct one.
Drivers Licenses for Illegals, page 11
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I propose we also have a companion bill: An Act Relative to Gun Safety. In this bill we would offer gun licenses to those without a social security number or regardless of immigration status. Forget the other application requirements too, like “Have you ever used or been known by another name?” Do you think this new bill would make guns safer? Or citizens safer from gun violence?
The twisted logic you see in my Gun Safety Bill is the same as that used by those who are promoting the Safe Driving Bill.
By the way, New Mexico legislators are repealing their law because federal authorities have told them that their state’s licenses will soon “not be accepted” for federal purposes, including the boarding of airplanes.
Call or contact the members of the Joint Transportation Committee and ask them to vote against H.2985.
Comm. Member    Party/Town    Phone    E-mail
Sen.Thomas McGee    D-Lynn    617-722-1350
Sen. John Keenan    D-Quincy    617-722-1494
Sen. Eileen Donoghue    D-Lowell    617-722-1630
Sen. Eric Lesser    D-Longmeadow    617-722-1291
Sen. Linda Forry    D-Boston    617-722-1150
Sen. Michael Rush    D-Boston    617-722-1348
Rep. William Straus    D-Mattapoisett    617-722-2400
Rep. Michael Finn    D-W. Springfield    617-722-2400
Rep. Timothy Madden    D-Nantucket    617-722-2810
Rep. Kenneth Gordon    D-Bedford    617-722-2013
Rep. Daniel Ryan    D-Boston    617-722-2575
Rep. Evandro Carvalho    D-Boston    617-722-2460
Rep. Steven Howitt    R-seekonk    617-722-2305
Rep. Hannah Kane    R-Shrewsbury    617-722-2430
Rep. Chris Walsh    D-Framingham    617-722-2013
Rep. Daniel Donahue    D-Worcester    617-722-2006
Rep. RoseLee Vincent    D-Revere    617-722-2210
Rep. Joseph McGonagle, Jr.    D-Everett    617-722-2400
Rep. David Muradian, Jr.    R-Grafton    617-722-2240

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