Silence from ‘Squad’ in Congress on social media about Hamas attacks


Silence from ‘Squad’ in Congress on social media about Hamas attacks
“Anyone hear from The Squad or are they too busy celebrating?” posted Esther Panitch, a member of the Georgia House of Representatives.

As Biden administration officials, Congress members and world leaders expressed support for Israel amid a surprise attack on Saturday—and condemned the Hamas terror group responsible for a barrage of rocket attacks and the kidnapping of civilians and members of the Israeli military—responses from the so-called “Squad” of progressive Democratic Party were noticeably absent.

The group of congresswomen, whose three most prominent members are Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), has long attacked Israel in a manner that Jewish organizations and others call antisemitic.

None of the three has posted on X about the Hamas terrorist attacks.
“Anyone hear from The Squad, or are they too busy celebrating?” wrote Esther Panitch, a member of the Georgia House of Representatives who is Jewish.
“The Squad usually lives on social media, rushing to judgment on every piece of news. Are they at brunch?” wrote Brent Scher, investigations editor at the Daily Wire.

A founding member of the group, Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Ma.), wrote on X that “these devastating attacks on Israelis are deeply alarming and my heart breaks for the victims and their loved ones.”
“We need an immediate ceasefire and de-escalation,” she added. “It is long past time to stop this cycle of violence and trauma, and work toward a just and lasting peace in the region.”
“The Squad telling Israel to stand down after it was attacked and hundreds of its citizens were massacred. Incredible,” wrote the conservative commentator and co-host of the Ruthless podcast who goes by Comfortably Smug.

A user wrote responded to Panitch’s post: “As a Jew in Georgia I’ve liked following you. This sounds like something the RNC would have posted. So disappointed.” (The RNC is the Republican National Committee.)
“I appreciate the initial sentiment. However, have you heard from them?” Panitch replied. “I call it out no matter the party. I hope you do, too.”

Another user wrote to the politician: “Why are you only calling out The Squad? What about other Democratic members of Congress? What about all your fellow Democrats who serve with you under the Gold Dome? There’s a long list of folks who have been silent up until now. Why aren’t you calling them out, too?”
“Well, they haven’t called for the destruction of Israel like the Squad has,” Panitch wrote.

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