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Baker to Extract Estimated $500 Million from Drivers – Hidden Gas Tax

FROM OUR PRINTED FEB. 1st EDITION (released day of printing):


Hidden Gas Tax Promoted by Gov. Charlie Baker
Estimated to Extract $500 Million from Drivers

When former Republican Rep. Geoff Diehl (R-Whitman) and Watertown Republican State Committeeman Steve Aylward joined forces to fight and ultimately defeat automatic gasoline tax increases, Democrats and their enablers, including so-called Republican Gov. Charlie Baker and so-called Republican House Minority Leader Brad Jones (R-North Reading), were none too pleased. Jones went so far as to relegate Diehl to the bench, tossing him off various committees to punish the anti-tax crusader.

Fast-forward a few years and Baker has apparently found a new way to raise taxes on gasoline. This time, through a cap-and-trade program that results in a hidden charge to drivers. Touted at just a few dollars per driver per month, the plan would take from you and give to Charlie’s burgeoning government apparatus an estimated half-billion dollars each year. All this in the effort to stop the charade of Global Warming.

Is there a tax that so-called Mass. Republican Gov. Charlie Baker doesn’t like? In addition to gas taxes, right now the governor is also pushing a tax on real estate sales. That’s right. Sell your home, more money to the state. Well, his latest tax scheme to stick-it-to drivers appeared on the website, then mysteriously disappeared, for now…

Charlie, we dug out your campaign postcards for when you first ran. In them you promised to lower the sales tax (you have not), lower the meals tax (you have not), and push for lower gas prices (you have not). As Boston’s WRKO 680 AM talk show host Jeff Kuhner would say: you faker, you liar, you fraud you.    ♦


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  1. The Commonwealth needs the new taxes. We have to pay for the able bodied undocumented folks who need housing, medical, transit and other freebies that working class people don’t qualify for. We need the new taxes to pay for the raises for political hack judges and the legislators.

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