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ELDRIDGE: Caring More About Illegals Than Mass. Citizens

Caring More About Illegals
Than Mass. Citizens

To the Editor,

Senator Jamie Eldridge cares more about the safety of illegal immigrants than Massachusetts citizens.

The Mass. SJC, in one of its liberal modes, ruled last month to place the residents of this commonwealth at risk by releasing illegal aliens subject to federal detainer requests. The SJC decided for the rest of us, that illegal immigrants charged or even convicted elsewhere of even the most serious or violent crimes could not be held by Massachusetts law enforcement one minute for ICE to act on the detainer. If the criminal who should have been held for federal authorities was not serving time on Massachusetts crimes or was released on bail, he or she would be set free immediately. Jamie Eldridge’s proposed bill S.1305 actually prohibits local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

Governor Baker took action filing legislation that would fill this supposed gap by permitting local law enforcement to cooperate with federal officials and hold illegal immigrants considered dangerous or who have committed violent crimes for up to 12 hours or longer if the case was then reviewed by a judge. But of course, Sen. Eldridge immediately attacked Gov. Baker and his common-sense legislation, calling it Trump-like in his own series of Trump-like tweets.

Illegal immigrants, who are wanted by the federal government pose a danger to Massachusetts citizens PERIOD. If Jamie Eldridge cares so much for illegal immigrants he should put them up in his Acton home.

We’re waiting Sen. Eldridge … please lead us by your example.

Vincent Picarello 
   Hudson, Mass.


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