Conway Daily Sun Prints Column in which Pro-Life Priest is Referred to as a Dick




Triggered, apparently, by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of Catholic Charities of Philadelphia, serial Catholic basher Jonna Carter, a crude bigot, vented her spleen in an unhinged and vitriolic diatribe in the pages of The Conway Daily Sun of New Hampshire.

Carter’s column was a mixture of malice, ignorance, falsehoods, profanity and archaic anti-Catholic stereotypes.

After comparing, absurdly, calls for Eucharistic coherence with the inquisition, and suggesting Catholics want to burn Joe Biden at the stake, she then claimed, without evidence, that Catholic bishops knew of and covered up JFK’s sexual dalliances. She then used that false premise to segue into clerical sexual abuse.

Carter save her most bitter venom for the heroic, pro-life priest, the Reverend Richard Bucci of Rhode Island, who gained national media attention in 2020 when he stated he would withhold Holy Communion from politicians who voted to expand abortion in the Ocean State. Shortly thereafter, Father Bucci was nearly killed in a catastrophic automobile accident in Massachusetts. At the time, he was placed in a medically induced coma. He only returned to active ministry in May of this year.

Addressing the elderly, pro-life priest, Carter wrote: “Dick, and you certainly are one …

Carter’s viciousness is unsurprising. What is astonishing is that the editor of The Conway Daily Sun would permit such vulgar, hateful and offensive language to be published in that newspaper.

The Managing Editor of The Conway Daily Sun is Margaret McKenzie. Her email address is Her telephone number is 603-733-5801.

The Publisher of The Conway Daily Sun is Mark Guerringue. His email address is His telephone number is 603-387-5160.

Catholics and other persons of goodwill ought to contact Margaret McKenzie and Mark Guerringue and explain to them how offensive it is for them to permit the pages of their newspaper to be polluted by course hate language from a nasty bigot directed against an elderly priest who simply reaffirmed the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church.

They ought to be contacted today! 

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