Homosexual militants in Worcester, Massachusetts are demanding that Catholics abandon the Bible, the Catechism and natural law, and submit to homosexual ideology.

Dozens of same sex activists demonstrated in front of the Chancery of the Diocese of Worcester last night, denouncing Bishop Robert McManus for his attempts to preserve the Catholic character of Catholic schools.

On August 15th, the Diocese of Worcester issued a new directive for Catholic schools—Catholic Education and the Human Person / Diocesan policy for schools regarding sexuality and sexual identity.

This directive requires all students at Catholic schools in the diocese to be identified according to their biological sex, and to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with Catholic moral principles.

It calls students to chastity, prohibits displays of romantic or sexual affection, and encourages students to demonstrate modesty in language, appearance, dress and behavior.

A Catholic school policy, consistent with Christian anthropology and perennial Catholic moral teaching, sparked paroxysms of anger among homosexual activists, who denounced the bishop to the media, organized a petition drive against his directive and brought protesters to the Chancery last night.

While one Boston television reporter claimed that the demonstration was spreading “a message of love,” participants displayed signs reviling Catholic beliefs as hatred, ignorance and bigotry, and calling for the investigation of the Catholic Church.

One of the organizers of the protest, Joshua Croke of Love Your Labels, slandered Bishop McManus last week, making the outrageously false accusation, without a scintilla of evidence, that the bishop promoted violence against homosexuals.

Croke told The Boston Globe “Bishop McManus has for many years now been perpetuating harms and what I would consider violence against LGBTQ+ folks, especially our young people, and this policy is just an added layer of his intention to cause harm.”

Croke repeated this defamatory lie when he told The Patch that unless the Catholic Church affirms and celebrates the homosexual identity, then it is “contributing to the violence we face daily as LGBTQ+ people.”

One of the speakers at the rally was State Senator Robyn Kennedy (D-Worcester), who claimed that her Catholic education taught her that the Bible was about love. In 2022, Kennedy was endorsed by the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts, for her loving commitment to the surgical dismemberment of unborn children.

The Catholic Action League called the event “a homosexual hate rally to demonize Catholic beliefs, castigate the bishop, and force the Church into compliance with homosexual demands.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “Last night’s protest tells us all we know about the totalitarian trajectory of the so-called ‘Gays Rights’ movement, which began, purportedly, to address (largely non-existent) discrimination against homosexuals in housing and employment, and has now evolved to the point where fanatics who despise our religion can demand that Catholic beliefs be suppressed in Catholic schools.”

“Homosexual supremacists want to silence Catholics by insisting that any moral objection to sodomy is an incitement to violence. As Joshua Croke has said, Catholics must not only accept and tolerate homosexuality, but affirm and celebrate it.”

“The homosexual movement is not interested in accommodation. It wants nothing less than the surrender and submission of Catholics. In Worcester, it wants a veto over what the Catholic Church can say and teach in its own institutions. The arrogance is astonishing.”

“Catholics, and all persons of goodwill, must support Bishop McManus in this controversy.


  1. Folks, these malignant weirdos deny objective reality and basic biology. There are only two (2) sexes/genders. Most of us had that fact reinforced in elementary school life science courses.
    Gender dysphorics are anti-science.
    Stand your ground.

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