Massachusetts Republican Assembly Condemns Planned Protests at Baker Home

Massachusetts Republican Assembly Condemns Planned Protests at Baker Home

The answer to bad policy is not targeted intimidation

The Massachusetts Republican Assembly (The Assembly has become aware) that, in protest to Governor Charlie Baker’s COVID-19 edicts, multiple groups unaffiliated with the Assembly have in the past, and intend in the future, to hold demonstrations directly across from the governor’s private home.

The Republican Assembly does not condone the deliberate, implicit, or accidental intimidation of elected officials or their families at their place of residence.

Brian Kennedy, President of the Assembly stated: “You cross a line when you announce to the world you intend to demonstrate outside an elected official’s private home. That is the sort of tactic Antifa utilizes to terrify the loved ones of elected officials, who ultimately are not responsible for whatever policies are being protested. Americans must persuade, rather than intimidate, politicians who make poor policy. Replace any ineffective officials via the ballot box at every opportunity.”

The Assembly does not support Governor Baker’s most recent lockdown initiative which requires cloth mask usage in all public locations. It is imposed for an indefinite period of time, under no specific authorizing legislation, and attached to financial penalty for noncompliance. These measures place citizens in the difficult position of arguing their condition exempts from an indiscriminate blanket policy. This is a total inversion of the proper Constitutional order.

The Assembly does not support the haphazard patchwork of businesses arbitrarily designated essential. Case in point:  the governor favors questionable industries like abortion mills, while closing gun stores. Hence he jeopardizes fundamental Natural Right guaranteed by the Second Amendment. The Assembly finds the Baker Administration’s push to punish businesses and individuals “violating” the lockdown orders to be a shortsighted waste of taxpayer resources.

The Assembly urges the Baker Administration to cease making new mandates on individuals and businesses and instead offer a comprehensive, phased plan for reopening, beginning at the most recently announced pushback date of May 18th. We urge all citizens to oppose these measures which are Unconstitutional, unlimited, unsupported by specific legislation, and of indeterminate duration. However, they should do so via all legal means of communication and in appropriate public locations for physical demonstrations. They should not demonstrate in front of the Governor’s house

The Assembly also asks that citizens pray the Baker Administration finds the courage to trust the people of the Commonwealth with their own economic well being and personal safety. The healthy people who are suffering most from this lock down do not need vague assurances that new mandates and additional delays are in their best interest. They need to be able to work, live, and prosper. Those who are sick will need a firm foundation to return to, after they recover.

UPDATE: The next planned rally against Liberal Mass. Governor Charlie Baker is scheduled for Saturday, May 16th at 2:00 P.M. outside the Gov’s home.

7 Replies to “Massachusetts Republican Assembly Condemns Planned Protests at Baker Home

  1. We’ve been spit on, had crap and unknown liquids including piss thrown at us, physically attacked numerous times, and harassed incessantly online by Antifa. Our group is planning a peaceful protest out front of a Governor’s house — a governor that believes he can insulate himself from the repercussions of his actions. Our rally last week was great but mostly symbolic–Baker was nowhere to be seen. Something needs to happen for him to feel personally affected by his policies. We are doing that.

    Comparing what we do to Antifa’s tactics just exposes how out of touch the Assembly and people like them truly are. Try showing up to an event where they are in abundance and you’ll see for yourself how we are not comparable AT ALL to them and their tactics

    1. No one is terrorizing anyone’s family. Outright lies by MARA members John Dimascio and Brian Kennedy. They are keyboard warriors who never show up on the street to challenge Antifa and the far left. They are trying to capitalize on the many successes of Super Happy Fun America by public attacking us with ridiculous lies. We have no intention of violating any laws or setting foot on private property. And comparing our group to Antifa is despicable but not surprising from cowards like Dimascio and Kennedy. Hmmm Kenedy – perfect last name for a RINO.

    2. You Sir have little regard for law abiding citizens of the Commonwealth exercising their Constitutional right to peaceful assembly in a public place. Please elaborate as to a specific instance in which terror, threats or trespassing has occured.

      Do you not recall Antifa beating, looting, terrorizing and committing acts of arson? For you to compare a relatively small group of people resembling a prayer meeting rather than a riot is the utmost indication of the worst place we could possibly be right now.

      You, the face of the very monster we are plagued with, the establishment. You do realize that 99% of those in attendence are Republicans. We in Massachusetts will settle for no less than the bottom of the barrel.

      Where is your criticism of the other face of the Republican Party in Massachusetts the honorable child molester Joe Dunn. I thought so. Not one of you have guaranteed the safety of campaign workers and that of members of their families against this child predator. Democrats lie and cover things up, not good decent people which are in short supply in the Ma GOP. To hell with you.

  2. The same people who are criticizing the planned protest this Saturday will not lift a finger to do anything to preserve our liberties other than post on Facebook. We need patriots on the ground right now, not keyboard warriors.

  3. Two months ago, our demonstrators were enjoying the American Dream. They were doing everything right, when they had the rug pulled out from under them by Charlie Baker. People are losing their pensions, their homes, savings, and the businesses they’ve spent their lives building.

    Why on earth would Brian Kennedy, as the face of MARA, add insult to injury by disparaging the characters of these decent, law abiding citizens, simply for demanding an end to this oppressive lockdown? They just want to work. They need to rebuild their lives. And, time is of the essence.

    To compare our peaceful demonstrators to ANTIFA terrorist thugs is irrational and cruel. It’s also dishonest. Brian Kennedy did not do MARA any favors writing this as the face of that organization. I do know, however that many MARA members do not share his opinion.

    Super Happy Fun America will be holding a peaceful, civil, and fun demonstration on public property across from the gubernatorial office, which has been relocated to Governor Baker’s residence during mitigation. That is the only respectable way for our out-of-work demonstrators to reach him, and persuade him to END THIS ILLEGAL LOCKDOWN NOW!

    The Demonstration against tyranny will be held on public land across the street from the current gubernatorial office, which has been moved to the governor’s residence during mitigation.

  4. I’m happy that Brian Kennedy finally spoke up. Really. Now, we know where he stands. Where was Brian Kennedy and his organization when we protested at the State House? I will tell you where… nowhere. Nowhere to be seen. And, there is a simple explanation for that. He is being directed by people who support Charlie Baker. I will leave it to those reading this to figure .

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