Attorney General Candidate Jay McMahon: Official Press Release Martha’s Vineyard Illegals

September 15, 2022 – Cape Cod, MA – Attorney Jay McMahon, candidate for Massachusetts Attorney General, issued a statement today:

“Maura Healey and Andrea Campbell have been welcoming illegal immigrants to Massachusetts for years, why now would anyone be surprised?” said Jay McMahon, candidate for Massachusetts Attorney General. “These two act as if we are a ‘Sanctuary State’ already.”

“If you think for a moment that the progressive folks on Martha’s Vineyard are going to house these illegals for very long, you’re wrong! After the photo ops of handing out blankets and juice boxes, these ‘guests’ will be shipped off to communities already taking on the burden of illegal immigration such as Springfield, Brockton, Fall River, Lawrence and Lowell.” said McMahon.

“The open border policies of the Biden Administration, combined with the radical progressive thinking of my opponent, are an endangering combination for our Public Safety. God forbid that Maura Healey or my opponent get elected, because you can be assured that they will give these people permanent status, driver’s licenses, and the right to vote. When I’m elected, I will fight every day for our law abiding citizens of Massachusetts to make sure that our Public Safety and all of our rights are most paramount!” said McMahon.

These issues need to be debated in the public arena! This is why I have called upon Andrea Campbell to stand up and defend her radical positions in seven debates throughout the state. She needs to prove to the voters how her radical positions improve the Standard of Living for all Massachusetts citizens.

3 Replies to “Attorney General Candidate Jay McMahon: Official Press Release Martha’s Vineyard Illegals

  1. Jay is 100% correct. It’s common sense. Why are we not hearing it from elected politicians? Jay is a gift to MA. Help him across the finish line. Volunteer, donate, get some skin in the game. It’s personally rewarding more than you know. We have an opporunity to make a difference. Seize it.

  2. They were not in that wealthy enclave for a day. They claim to be all for open borders. Yet, the state National Guard was sent to Marthas Vineyard to take these people to the mainland. I guess that its fine for a small farming town in Texas or a working class city neighborhood to be overwhelmed. When they come to wealthy places then the National Guard comes to remove them.. Then they call other people xenophobic.

  3. Its in this mornings Boston Herald as to how Democrat nominee for state attorney general, Ms. Campbell refuses to debate Mr. McMahon.. She has little legal experience and is an ex Boston City Councilor who got elected with low voter turnout contests. Where is the National Republican Committe? Why do they not have tv or radio ads on supporting Mr.McMahon or Diehl? Healey and Campbell are the worst candidates for accomplishing anything that the Democrats have put up ever.

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