Baker/ Democrats Push Mass. Primary Vote Back Two Weeks to Sept. 6th

Retiring Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker, in lock-step with leading Democrats are pushing to move the state’s traditional primary date  back two weeks, to be held Sept. 6th instead of Sept. 20th.

Voters, who typically snooze during the summer months before engaging the fall election season will not have a rest, with the Sept. 6th date, or, the date will go unnoticed.

The long-serving Mass. secretary of state has stated that he needs more time to process ballots, and mail-in ballots post-primary, for the Nov. final elections.


One Reply to “Baker/ Democrats Push Mass. Primary Vote Back Two Weeks to Sept. 6th

  1. September 6th is very close to Labor Day. Many people are still on Summer vacation and coming back from one. There will be even lower voter turnout. Thats what the Democrats want. Extreme low voter turnout got Wu, Rollins and Lydia Edwards elected. It was on the Fox National news last week as to how Wu froze and panicked during a computer conference question session from Bostonians. When asked about mandates and other issues she froze according to the Fox News story. Wu got elected with under 20% of Boston’s registered voters voting. Not one word about Wu’s panic in the Boston news media.

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