Charlie Chase Jr & Law and Order Cape Patriots Attacked, Physically Assaulted

From Adam Lange, United Cape Patriots:

Sadly our 84-year-old veteran friend Charlie Chase was attacked at the curb for the 3rd time.

The account and photos below were posted to Facebook by Ron Valiquette who was with Charlie.


Something interesting happened on the way to the STAND OUT FOR BACK THE BLUE at the Fall River PD today!


Charlie Chase, who got attacked at the rotary holding a Trump sign at our last election 2 years ago, Brian and I got assaulted by someone who was offended by Charlie’s BLUE LIVES MATTER sign!


I had positioned myself across the street from the PD while Charlie was on the south corner of their parking lot entrance when a twenty something black man approached Charlie and tried to pull the sign out of his hands. 84 year old Charlie stood his ground and yelled for me to dial 911.

As usual, I had forgotten it home. I crossed the street to help Charlie when Brian had just gotten there and joined in the kerfuffle. This guy just wanted us to react at his belligerence, swearing profusely at the three of us. I just kept telling him “Jesus loves you” over and over again as well as “I love you, man”.  which totally confounded him…then he pushed poor Charlie to the ground, then he spit on and took a swing at Brian then hit me on the side of the head.

One of the Fall River officers came because Brian had called 911,  he witnessed the assaults…. the dude got arrested and we completed the STAND OUT with no more incidents.


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  1. So many cowards posing as men these days. Ten or twenty years ago no self respecting man would think of pushing an 84 year old. It’s against the law and assaulting someone over 60 makes it a bigger offense. In years past many young to middle aged men served in the military. Today 2% of those of ages 19-35 have joined the military. The road ragers and “tough” guys of today seem to limit their aggression to bad behavior. Yet, our military branches can’t fill their annual recruitment quotas.

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