Colarusso to send mirror to Clark (to help her find the culprit for soaring gas prices)

Stoneham, MA . . . Today Caroline Colarusso, Republican candidate for Congress, will send a mirror to Congresswoman Katherine Clark to help her find the culprit for soaring gas prices.

“For the last year and a half the price of gas has been steadily increasing. It started on day one of the Biden presidency and long before Putin invaded Ukraine. After Biden was sworn in, he stopped the Keystone Pipeline, he re-entered the Paris Climate Accord, he halted leasing programs in ANWR, he issued a 60-day halt on all new oil and gas leases and drilling permits on federal land and waters nationwide accounting for 25% of US oil production. Biden also directed federal agencies to eliminate all supports for fossil fuels, and he also initiated new regulations on oil and gas methane emissions.

These actions reversed our nation’s energy independence policies. Clark went along with Biden every step of the way. She even praised him. Now that we are less than 6 months away from the election and gas is headed towards $6 per gallon, she is going after oil companies for price gouging. It is an election year CYA move. So, I’ll sent her a mirror to help her find the real culprit for gas prices increasing,” said Colarusso.

Clark voted to pass phony legislation to crack down on price gouging by major gas companies. The so-called Oil and Gas Industry Antitrust Act would require the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate price manipulation in the gasoline market, including refinery capacity reductions and market monopoly conditions.

“Clearly, she thinks the people of this district are stupid. It’s not price gouging. It is bad policy. She should apologize and not pass legislation that will probably make gas even more unaffordable,” said Colarusso. “If people don’t like the price of gas, then they should vote her out of office.”


Caroline Colarusso will run against Congresswoman Katherine Clark in November of 2022. Colarusso recently qualified for the ballot by collecting over 5000 raw signatures in 28 days. 4003 of the raw signatures were certified by the Secretary of State. Colarusso believes there is an appetitie for change in Massachusetts. “People were pulling the pen out of our hands to sign nomination papers for a Republican, they have had it.” Colarusso said.

Background on Colarusso
Colarusso is community volunteer, professional manager, and a dedicated public servant. Most importantly, she is a devoted mother, and wife. Colarusso was born and raised in Boston’s North End and has lived in Stoneham for the last 30 years with her husband Joe. They have three adult boys and she has been very active within her community.

Colarusso has always given back to her community. She has served as a Learn to Skate Instructor, a Stoneham Youth Hockey coach, and a member of the Stoneham Youth Hockey board of directors.  When the Stoneham High School Girls Varsity Ice Hockey team at Stoneham High was experiencing low participation rates, Colarusso volunteered to assist with coaching and recruiting of girls so that the program would be sustainable. Today the girl’s hockey team is a vibrant organization.

Before being elected to the Board of Selectmen where she served two consecutive terms, Colarusso also served on the Finance and Advisory Board for 5 years. She earned a reputation as a fiscal watchdog for the taxpayers.
Professionally, Colarusso is a manager. For 27 year she worked for the United States Postal Service where she was responsible for overseeing troubled operations with multi-million-dollar budgets. Colarusso was tasked with turning these offices from unprofitable over to break even, and then move them towards profitability. She managed staffs of over of 100+ employees and 6-12 managers. Her work received several performance awards.

Like so many families, Colarusso has faced some difficult challenges. For more than a decade, she cared for her mother who suffered from an aggressive form of Alzheimer’s. Caroline understands the hardships so many families facing caring for a sick family member. That’s why she works so hard to support our senior population. Colarusso has spoken to many groups about the challenges of caring for a parent.

Colarusso graduated Magna Cum Laude from Emmanuel College.

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  1. Clark is another carpetbagger who rose quickly up the Massachusetts political ladder. She got elected despite being a Bay State resident for a short time. In years past local mayors or state senators would run for an open congressional seat. With apathy and the working class majority ceding political power to carpetbagging leftists, leftists like Clark win easily. Good luck Ms. Colarusso. Hopefully the runaway inflation will wake up the working class voters.

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