Western Mass. GOP Comic Con PAC


You may have seen the posts, e-mails, text messages, and videos, all supporting what is termed ‘establishment’ candidates – the remaining, desperate, entrenched Charlie Baker, Mitt Romney type Republicans running for the MassGOP State Committee.

 These folks have enlisted at least one organization and a pay-to-play celebrity to attack true conservatives, and present a distorted view of their own resumes/stances.

 Most laughable is how these folks attempt to tell voters that the Crockers down the Cape are “conservatives.” Sure, and water is dry and Fat Albert can fly.

 Enough. We’ve been silent long enough while these folks place hits on good conservatives. It’s time we begin the process of showing who these folks are. Let’s start with one group, call this “Part 1:”

Western Mass. GOP Comic Con PAC

Former Mass. Gov. Charlie ‘Democrat-Enabling’ Baker with protégé Douglas Lyman.

by Richard Howell

Boston Broadside Editorial

Advisory Board

  We have, it seems, forever dealt with internecine fights within the GOP ranks, especially in the MassGOP.

 There are always infiltrators, those pretending to be with us when they actually are fighting for our adversaries. It can be a matter of ideology or corruption. In our inter-party skirmishes, it usually comes down to the latter.

 That brings us to our latest farce if that term can be used for this latest scheme that has afflicted many.

 The Western Massachusetts GOP Patriots PAC (formerly termed the Western Mass. GOP Trump PAC) has inserted itself into statewide GOP machinations. To paraphrase an 18th century philosopher I usually dislike quoting, this “PAC” is neither Western Massachusetts, GOP, nor Patriots. Fortunately, they dropped the name of Trump from their moniker. This PAC is the brainchild of two men, who in reality are the only members of this fantasy concoction: Christopher J. Ryan and Douglas D. Lyman. Chris bringing the “personality” and Doug the “expertise.” Additionally, both bring bombast, arrogance, and hubris as well as a great deal of political imbecility. 

 There is much to untangle here so we shall start a year ago: when Ryan reached out to the publisher of this paper seeking help with getting candidate information, the publisher offered to help introduce Ryan to and set up a meeting. The following day, Ryan insisted that Lyman be involved before participating, and Lyman demanded control of the meeting and dictated who could and who could not attend. That, and a few other games the PAC was playing led the publisher to rapidly pull out and issue a warning to others about the PAC’s true nature.

Ryan and Lyman moved on and compiled a “secret” list of candidates, and called their own private secret meeting. But somehow, that list made its way to the MassGOP office, then to radio talk show host Howie Carr. Ryan and Lyman instantly blamed others, but a little digging proved Lyman sent the incriminating email. He was then forced to admit his actions, and tried to brush it away as an “accident.”

 This PAC runs as a pathetic comic opera. Hence, they are known in certain circles as the Comic-Con PAC. They only fielded four candidates in addition to Ryan. Two of them have criminal records, another one threatened a Boston-based talk show host, the fourth posted online notes admiring Adolph Hitler and denied the Holocaust had occurred. She also expressed support for the Hamas attack on Israel. So much for the genius of vetting a candidate. After this paper discovered her postings, it was brought up to Ryan. He denied knowing about them. When asked if they would withdraw his support, he suggested he would “try to work with her.” The Broadside took a little risk and poked all sides and all online opportunities seeking some truth. The efforts hit paydirt: The candidate and others coughed up correspondence with Ryan from months prior in which Ryan clearly not only knew of her stances, but tried to get her to hide certain posts from the voters.

 There are many other incidents to relate, but time and space do not allow it now.

 One final note on these operatives:

• Ryan has been known to vocalize support for abortion and the LGBT agenda.

• Lyman was unanimously voted off the Western Mass GOP board of directors for unauthorized communications and actions after several warnings.

 At some point both decided to throw in with the GOP Fifth Columnist Progressives supporting the current MassGOP chairwoman.

There is no evidence this PAC has ever received the formal approval from the State Committee to use the Republican/GOP name. This PAC must be dealt with and any well-meaning patriots who are unaware of their machinations need to stay far away from them. Most who had associated with them in the beginning had disassociated with them nearly instantly.

 It is well past time to shun the Comic Con PAC and move ahead to far more urgent matters.

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