Cover Up of  Watertown, Mass., Transgender Student’s HIT LIST of 45 STUDENTS AND TEACHERS  

Cover Up of  Watertown, Mass., Transgender Student’s



by Lonnie Brennan

“There’s more to this. There’s a cover-up going on, and it has been going on for months now,” a trusted source from Watertown shared, and has asked not to be named out of fear of retribution.

The resident detailed that if you read any of the two local news accounts regarding a stu-dent in the town’s middle school, you would have thought all was fine, all was great.

The news stories praised the school administration’s response to what was termed a 7th grader creating a list of students and teachers the 7th grader was “frustrated” with.

Added to that, you might have read how the school administration stepped in and fell all over themselves to ensure the student felt safe and welcomed, and how the administrators sought to ensure that all students on the list felt safe. Nothing to see here, move along; if you want to talk, we have grief counselors, etc.  The stories lead you to believe the admin-istration did everything short of providing kittens and therapy puppies and blankies and warm coca to all involved.

Well, that’s what you might have been led to believe, but as the curtain gets pushed aside, there’s a disturbing story below the fold.

In a meeting held with the parents of students on “the HIT LIST,” the parents, we’re told, expressed outrage at the bullying their children were taking from the hit list creator.

One parent, when recognized to address the administration and school committee, shout-ed: F__ You!  F___ You! The parent then immediately changed their voice tone and ex-plained that that is the greeting his child receives every single day from the transgender creator of the HIT LIST. He asked the committee members how safe they would feel if that were the greeting they received every day?

We’re told this parent was not alone in his outrage that a bully transgender person was be-ing treated with a soft touch.

Transgenders Get a Free Pass

As one lifelong resident told the Broadside, “If that student was wearing a red Trump Make America Great Again hat, instead of being a he/she/they/them confused transgender bully, the FBI would have been called.”

The resident suggested that if a MAGA hat wearer were to put together a hit list, an actual hit list, “that’s what it was called, a hit list just like the school shootings we’ve all seen” in the media, that student would have seen an entirely different response. But, if you’re transgender, it’s the new get-out-of-jail-free card. You can do no wrong, you’re misunder-stood.

“If the kid wasn’t transgender, the FBI would not only raid the student’s home, but they would also leak the raid to the press before the event so they could cover it live and make a national story out of it. Instead, these folks tried to bury it. We had to read about it in a UK newspaper where it was leaked.”

Locally, WRKO Radio Host Jeff Kuhner took up the subject and sparks flew about what has been termed a cover-up to protect the transgender student.

“Put the shoe on the other foot,” Kuhner said. He explained that if this were a non-LGBTQRST student, everything would change. If this were heterosexual, that student would be expelled, the police would be investigating, and this would be in the national news everywhere.  ♦



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