Diehl Announces Run for Governor of Massachusetts


[Hadley, MA, 7/4/21] Former State Representative Geoff Diehl announced his intention to run for Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at an Independence Day “Freedom Festival,” hosted by the Western MA GOP Patriots. Citing the need for a leader who knows the challenges faced by small businesses, the impact of over-taxation and reckless spending by government, the need to support the people who serve in law enforcement and protect our communities, the importance of equal educational opportunities for children across the state, and how we can find a state solution for the national problem of immigration hurdles that keep people from becoming vital, legal citizens of this great nation.

“I’ve served in the legislature and seen, first-hand, the impact government regulations have on businesses they don’t necessarily understand but want to control,” Diehl explained to the audience. “The pandemic response of a total shut down of the economy, followed by arbitrary federal, state and local regulations only made it harder for the small businesses to stay alive, especially in the restaurant and hospitality industries. And I remain mystified how the big box stores like Home Depot remained open while your local hardware store was forced to close. Let that chapter of our state’s history remain a powerful example of what can never happen again.”

Diehl, who was accompanied by his wife KathyJo, also discussed their business background and what it took to keep their performing arts studio going while, at the same time, Geoff was furloughed from his job at a healthcare company. “Making sure Massachusetts is creating the best scenario for job growth is the key to a strong recovery because keeping people on enhanced unemployment is not the answer,” Diehl emphasized.

And like the stance he took in leading the repeal of the 2013 indexed gas tax legislation, Diehl stated total opposition to the TCI (Transportation Climate Initiative) signed onto by the Governor. “The last thing working families in Massachusetts need is added cost to commuting, food and goods that are already being hit by the inflationary effects of massive federal spending. All the original New England states have failed to join in the ‘cap and trade’ scheme and even environmentalists discount the projections for emission reduction.”

“Backing the blue,” and “making sure local school boards are given the funds and control to determine the best curriculum for their students,” were other highlights made by Diehl as he emphasized an overall focus on returning decision making to the local level.

“It is time for a new path forward. It is time to re-empower the individual. It is time to free our economy. It is time to help our children overcome the damage inflicted by government over this past year. A time to provide our communities with a safe and healthy tomorrow. In a Diehl Administration, everyone will be considered essential, every day.”


CONTACT:  Amanda Orlando, Campaign Manager, Diehl for Massachusetts

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