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Mass. Dem. Rep. Dylan Fernandes Caught Pretending to Support Veterans


Mass. Rep. Dylan Fernandes failed to vote for an amendment which would have prioritized Veterans above illegals for homeless shelter.

The one-paragrah amendment, the 101st roll call of the year (H.4600 Amendment #698) took place with Fernandes not voting. He later filed a change to his vote (after getting blasted for not voting), and had the roll call amended to note “Y” next to his name, along with the requrired “*” with a note “AFTER VOTE.”

All Republican representatives voted in favor of the amendment.
All but two Democrats had voted AGAINST the amendment, to ensure that illegal aliens can roam free and take priority above U.S. Veterans for housing.

After getting his hat handed to him by talk show host Ed Lambert and others, Fernandes has gone on to ask others to call the radio show and defend him, and say he voted yes and supported the veterans (noted in an e-mail received by the Broadside forwarded…).

In reality, Fernandes has not advocated for veterans priorities, Fernandes has not issued press releases supporting and advocating for veterans priorities, Fernandes has show no indication in any manner to support veterans, but once exposed, proceeded to try to spin the narrative.

Listen to WXTK Cape Cod Ed Lambert 7 – 10 a.m. for more details.



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