Half of Elected Republicans Predicted to Skip Mass. Republican Convention, Remainder Supporting Guy Who Voted for Hillary Clinton




Diehl-Doughty Battle Pivots On Republican Divide

By Matt Murphy
State House News Service

MAY 18, 2022…..There’s little doubt that Republican candidate for governor Geoff Diehl will walk out of the MassMutual Center in Springfield on Saturday the clear favorite among the party faithful.

Chris Doughty / Geoff Diehl

The former state representative has stacked up a slew of endorsements from local Republican organizations and members of the State Committee, as well as figures like former President Donald Trump, former state Treasurer Joe Malone and former party chairman Jim Rappaport.

But if there’s one group of Republicans where Diehl is weak, it’s Republican lawmakers on Beacon Hill, including many with whom he once served.

Diehl’s rival, Wrentham businessman Chris Doughty, announced 10 new endorsements on Tuesday, including Reps. Todd Smola, Mathew Muratore and Kim Ferguson, and former Rep. Will Crocker, who also served with Diehl.

Those current and past legislators joined Reps. Donald Berthiaume, Steve Howitt, Joe McKenna, Lenny Mirra, David Muradian, Michael Soter, Peter Durant, David Vieira, and Shawn Dooley on Team Doughty, and the campaign says it has more legislative endorsements coming.

“We understand that this is an uphill battle to get our 15 percent with our opponent, his wife, campaign manager, and employer being on the State Committee that is running this convention. We are pleased that so many representatives want to run with Chris on the top of the ticket. They know that Chris can win in November with his message of affordability,” said Doughty campaign advisor Holly Robichaud, who once worked for Diehl.

Robichaud was referencing the percent of delegates whose support Doughty will need Saturday to qualify for the ballot in September.

By comparison, Diehl is backed only by Rep. Marc Lombardo, of Billerica, along with former Rep. Dan Winslow and Dean Tran, a former state senator who overlapped briefly with Diehl and is now running for Congress. And Diehl campaign manager Amanda Orlando said that’s fine with them, describing Doughty as “in the establishment’s pocket.”

“It’s no surprise Chris Doughty has the support of RINO legislators who embrace a go-along-to-get-along relationship with liberal progressives to further their political careers. That’s the whole problem with Chris Doughty and his candidacy,” Orlando said. “That does a disservice to Bay Staters who are unhappy with the political status quo that gets our state nowhere.”

While Diehl’s camp views Doughty as too close with Beacon Hill Republican insiders who are allegedly too cozy with Democrats, Doughty is hoping to advance beyong the convention of party insiders to compete in the primary among the broader pool of registered Republican voters and independents who are eligible to vote in the GOP primary.

Party insiders say the rift within the MassGOP over Chairman Jim Lyons’s stewardship of the party, its alienation of Gov. Charlie Baker and its rightward lurch toward Trumpism has soured many elected officials on Diehl, who is viewed as the beneficiary of favoritism from leaders of the party.

Muratore, a Plymouth Republican, said he gives Diehl credit for putting himself out there for higher office, including his 2018 campaign for U.S. Senate.

“But he hasn’t been successful and in Massachusetts you have to be able to attract folks from both sides of the aisle in order to win as a Republican,” Muratore told MASSterList. “I think Chris is a lot like the current governor, Gov. Baker. He’s a guy looking to work across the aisle and get things done. I’ve seen that’s a formula for success here in the commonwealth.”

As much as half of the GOP legislative caucus on Beacon Hill — currently only 31 strong in a 200-seat Legislature — is not expected to attend Saturday’s convention. Muratore said he’ll be in Florida for a wedding.

“Geoff’s been a friend and a good guy, but in order to have a chance of winning in November, I think Chris is the guy to do it,” Muratore said.

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