Colonel Julie Hall for Congress – Massachusetts


“Colonel Julie Hall is a strong, conservative leader who understands there are two types of people who serve in government – those that believe in the power of big government and those who believe in the power of us. Julie believes in us, and she will defend law and order, freedom, and prosperity for all of us. 

As she did as an officer in the United States Air Force, Julie will bring the skills she developed and American values to Congress. She served as the Medical Chief Operating Officer for small clinics, large medical centers, and as the Senior Healthcare Executive of a multi-facility healthcare system in Washington DC. She served our nation for over 30 years, and Colonel Hall is now prepared to serve us in the Massachusetts 4th Congressional District.

In Congress Julie will stop the extreme socialist Democrat agenda in Congress, demand law and order, support small businesses with lower taxes and regulations, pass new trade deals to help working families, fight for our veterans and strengthen our military, lower prescription drug costs and make health care affordable, protect our borders and end Sanctuary Cities, and defend our 2nd Amendment rights.

Vote Julie Hall  – September 1st Republican Primary”

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