Marty “Mixed-Message” Walsh’s Meter Maids Ticket Cars on Empty Streets

Can you imagine: EMPTY STREETS with business after business closed, and we have picture after picture of people getting tickets for overstaying their parking at the meters.

Really? Is this needed? Life is hard enough. People are out of work and most businesses are shut down and NOW is the time to ticket people?? What is Mayor Marty Walsh thinking?


There are 100s and 100s of empty spaces throughout downtown Boston. There is NO reasonable reason to punish anyone with a ticket.

Tickets are used to make sure there are empty spaces, that folks don’t park all day and take up critical spaces for shoppers, but with almost all the shops closed, what are the Boston Meter Maids doing? Raising money for Marty Walsh. That’s about it.

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4 Replies to “Marty “Mixed-Message” Walsh’s Meter Maids Ticket Cars on Empty Streets

  1. Marty was deeply disturbed by a couple of people playing tennis in a park. Meanwhile subway cars apparently have reached social distancing perfection.

  2. Marty tells us how terrible Massachusetts is getting hit with covid19 but he’s making sure that meter maids are out ticketing cars on empty streets. TAX PAYERS!!! Remember this at reelection!!!

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