Mass. State Senate Passes Radical Sex Ed Measure 38:1


by Catholic Action League – Massachusetts

On September 23, the Massachusetts Senate voted, by a margin of 38 to 1, to engross Senate Bill 2541—An Act Relative To Healthy Youth—a radical sexual education mandate for all public schools in the Commonwealth.

The measure would eliminate local control, compromise parental rights, impose salacious, graphically impure instruction upon a captive audience of innocent schoolchildren, and promote an agenda of population control, homosexuality, and so-called transgenderism in the public schools.

Senator Ryan Fattman (R-Webster) was the sole dissenting vote. The proposed law has now been referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means.

On September 23rd, the day of the vote, Mr. Bob Katzen, Publisher of the Beacon Hill Roll Call, contacted the Catholic Action League, requesting a comment on the legislation.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle issued the following statement:

“S 2541 seems to be more about ideological proselytism than public health. If this measure becomes law, public schools—which are agencies of the government—will be empowered to tell schoolchildren that abortion, contraceptive use, same sex relations and so-called gender transitioning are valid, morally acceptable behaviors.”

“The provision requiring ‘affirmative education’ about sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression will preclude any critical discussion of these practices. This is not constitutionally mandated neutrality, but overt, taxpayer funded hostility to religion and traditional religious values.”

“As before, there will be no conscience protections for school employees who object to this indoctrination, and the burden remains on parents to opt out of this curriculum, rather than upon the school district to encourage parents to opt in.”

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